Are Motorcycle Disc Locks Effective? ( What to Look For)

During visits to different places outside your compound or within your parking lot in your place of work, it is very advisable to keep your motorbike locked to ensure safety.

Different motorcycles come with different types of locks. Some have their headlock all combined with the ignition key among other specified locations.

In this article, we are going to talk about one of the most disputed types of lock, that is; a motorcycle disc lock.

I prefer these kinds of locks not because of my personal test but I would also recommend them to you so that you can see their greatness over other locks.

It is not guaranteed that your motorbike cannot be stolen after locking with this lock. Thieves can still lift your bike if you bike in the long-term parking lot since it is vulnerable.

Choose the best alarm di for your motorbike since it sounds the best in this kind of lock.

Are Motorcycle Disc Locks Effective?

Keep your bike secure with the help of a disc lock! These locks will immobilize any would-be thieves by blocking their access to both wheels, making it difficult for them even if they have tools.

Types of disc locks

There are various varieties of motorcycle disk locks. The main varieties are brake disc locks and U-locks. U-Locks are long that can lock the brake discs from back to front. They are used as an option if you don’t have a chain and a padlock.

These locks are large enough that can completely stop mobility and they are visual enough that they can stop thieves from an attempt to steal your motorbike.

Brake disc locks. These are the most common lock preferred by most motorists because of their size, portability, and the option of alarm features. These locks exist in many types but we have some common types that we are going to discuss below.

Disadvantages of a disk lock

Every product in the market may be helpful to the user but it can also lead to some huge disadvantages in a way, if not properly used according to the required directions.

Some people may be discouraged by the disadvantages of these disc locks to the point they will believe that it is totally useless.

But for me, because I have been using them for a while, I will not support their belief that they are totally worthless, but back in my mind, I know they have some disadvantages. the following are some of the disadvantages of these disc locks.

They are only used temporarily

Disc locks cannot assure you guaranteed security as compared to other locks such as chain locks.

According to me, it is just a great addition to your riding experience since you use them to temporarily secure your motorcycle.

Disc locks are less secure but helpful and they can never be used in replacement of the chain locks.

It causes damage to motorcycle brake discs.

Since these locks are attached to the brake disc, you may not realize that it may cause fatal damage to your disks with time.

In case of any slight movement, the entire motorcycle force is going to cause tension between the lock and a brake disc. Sometimes you might forget that you had locked your bike, and you may start driving off.

This may subject you to serious injuries by sending you to the ground and causing permanent deformation to your brake disc.

This may bend the disk or cause unnecessary corrosion. It is advisable that you make use of the reminder cable that is hooked on your handlebars.

the disc locks It cant attach your motorcycle to a fixed object.

The disk locks can only prevent the motorcycle wheels from turning but not any other movement. The thief can still lift the motorbike and made away with it by using any other means.

The biggest disadvantage comes during this scenario because of the fact that disc locks cannot allow a motorbike to be connected to a fixed object.

I don’t assure guaranteed security with a disk lock. For me, I just use it when I am close to my motorbike especially at home, in a workplace where I can easily see it through the window, during a visit to my family members, or in any other place where I can see what is going on.

When a motorbike is parked in a rainy parking lot, the alarm can easily get damaged and you will no longer rely on the alert.

Some thieve also understand several tricks that can damage the alarm and hence disable the alert. When the disc lock battery powering the alarm goes low, it may not be effective in turning the alarm.

These drawbacks make the disk lock inferior in securing your bike. It is important to have your chain and bud lock whenever you are visiting a strange place, to ensure that your motorbike has guaranteed protection since you may not just believe that it may be saved with just this kind of lock.

The best disc locks.

Are Motorcycle Disc Locks Effective?

Oxford boss Alarm

Oxford boss alarm is an alarmed disc lock that triggers an alarm when it senses a little disturbance or any motion, it is the one most reliable locks on the market among some others.

The full review of these locks can be found on amazon among other individual review pages.

For detailed information, you can find so and other detailed information about the product, including its advantages and some few drawbacks; you can find them by checking on its video links.

The main reason why I prefer this lock is that it is very portable and you don’t have to have an extra bag to carry it, you just need to fit it under your motorbike back carrier and you are ready to go.

It is of creating value for most travelers who stop at several stopovers, maybe to take a cup of tea or a drink. It is convenient since you just sit down having made sure that your bike is safe.

Xena XX-6 Disc Lock

This is another portable disc lock with an in-build alarm. It is a very efficient mono-block made from high-grade alloy construction. It is equipped with xx6 effective to ensure the protection of your motorbike.