Best House Party Gadgets – cool things to have at a party

Parties are a great way to celebrate and have fun with your good friends.

So to make sure your next party rocks.

I’ve assembled the biggest life hackers on this post to bring you ten Best House Party Gadgets your guests will not forget.

1. The HDMI Pocket Projector

HDMI Pocket Projector

The HDMI pocket projector is one of those gadgets that will really come really handy when you have a party. This is the newest fun and entertainment light pusher, and it connects to practically any device that you have on hand that can push images through HDMI. It comes with controls that are pretty easy to understand so all you need is to plug and play.

The benefits of having an HDMI pocket projector in your house party

Small Size

Size does matter, and an HDMI pocket projector is small enough to carry anywhere, which makes it a good device to have in your party. There is no need for bulk machines anymore, and it comes with a charger just as small.

Picture perfect

If you can find one of the top HDMI pocket projectors in the market, then you are bound to have a picture-perfect performance. You will have the ability to watch movies or music very clearly. Picture images can go up to 60” or even more without a decrease in quality, especially in a room that’s not too bright.

Hassle Free

When dealing with wired projectors during the party, you have to go through all the trouble of setting it up and later on bringing everything back down again, which can be quite a chore. However, when you have a mini HDMI projector, all you need to plug in is an HDMI cable and voila. An HDMI pocket projector can be placed anywhere at your party without the need to connect or disconnect anything. It is totally hassled free and will save you a great deal of time when organizing your house party.

You can carry them outdoors with ease

If you want to have a house party at a friend’s place then talking this projector with you will be a breeze. Pocket projectors are portable, which is one of their most admirable features. They also come in small bags or packages that make carrying easier, and you don’t need to bother anyone with transportation or anything.

They are practical

In the world we are living in of wireless connections where phones, fax machines, and printers are functioning wire-free, why bother yourself with buying larger wired projectors just to get the same results? Portable projectors don’t need more connections, and this makes them extremely practical and applicable to the current advanced technological era. In addition to that, they are modern and will make you look good in front of your friends during your house party.

Variety of options available

These days, it is more and easier to find HDMI pocket portable projectors because there is such a wide range to choose from. They come in many different designs, specifications, options, sizes and even brands. It is completely possible to find the perfect projector depending on your needs and preferences. They are available in shops and online and are quite easy to get.

An HDMI pocket projector will be just what you need for your house party because you will get to watch movies and music while you have fun, hassle-free. It doesn’t get better than that.

2. Smart Led Light Bulbs

Smart Led Light Bulbs

Smart devices have become the in-thing, and smart LED lights are just what you need for your house party. You will have the ability to control these lights and influence the atmosphere in your party at any given time and from anywhere with an internet connection. This is the perfect lighting solution for your house party.

The benefits of having smart lights at a house party

You can dim them to your liking

This is the most basic feature and the one that will really come in handy at a party. Smart LED bulbs dim in such a nice way, and you won’t necessarily need to install a dimmer switch because these bulbs can do the dimming all by themselves, cool right? When it gets to a point during the party when you need little light, these smart bulbs will do the trick, and you will have dimmed lights just like that.

You will be in full control

The best part about these lights is that you can control than through your mobile phone. This means that you will be in control regardless of where in the party you will be at. You can even switch them on or off when you are having fun outdoor or when watching a movie. This is simply convenient because all you need is your phone.

They change color as you like

You will have the ability to dim and control the smart lights, but it doesn’t just stop there. These light bulbs have the ability to change colors, and you can set the color to the theme or mood of your house party. The fact that you can adjust or change the color to your looking makes these LED lights seem like the perfect party lights.

They play music as well

You won’t get this feature from all smart lights, but there are some that come with built-in speakers. Music is obviously one thing you can’t get enough of at a party, and with these lights, you will have music in any room of the house without the need to set up separate sound systems. In addition to that, you can get lights that have the ability to change colors to the mood of your music, how incredible is that?

You will have much more fun

You are obviously throwing a party to have fun, and your guests will love your smart lights idea. Whether you want to connect your whole house to the smart lights or want to use just one room, these smart LED lights are the way to go.

Smart LED lights will take your house party to a whole new level. With all the different colors available, music and dimming options, you will be in full control of your party and your guests will simply love it. Get smart LED lights for your next house party and experience how much fun it can be.

3. Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth Speakers

We are living in an age of incredible gadgets, and portable Bluetooth speakers are among the top of the list. These speakers take listening to music to a whole new level. Their main benefit is the fact that they are portable and you can take them in any room at the house during the house party. Most of the Bluetooth speakers on the market come lightweight and incredibly small but with very great sounds.

The benefits of having Bluetooth speakers in your house party


First of all, Bluetooth speakers are wireless, and this gives them the sociability factor. These speakers are not only ideal for indoor-housed parties but outdoor house parties as well because you will have no need to bother with cables or adaptors. You can easily get your party grooving with music using portable Bluetooth speakers anywhere at home. Bluetooth speakers have many advantages, and if you are thinking of getting one for your party needs, then you are on the right track. Here are some benefits you will get from portable Bluetooth speakers.

Powerful Sound

Despite the fact that most Bluetooth speakers are small, they are extremely powerful. If you get a high-quality brand from the market, you are bound to get a big sound that will take your party experience to a whole new level. Regardless of the brand, if you get high-quality speakers, you will be amazed at how bit a sound such small speakers can produce.

Low power consumption

The next impressive feature of Bluetooth speakers is their energy efficiency. Regardless of the quality of sound they come with, Bluetooth speakers need very little amount of power, and they work on rechargeable batteries for hours.

No installations needed

One of the most convenient features of Bluetooth speakers is the fact that they don’t need installations. As a matter of fact, you won’t need to do any intervention with them because they are a plug-and-play device.


This is another advantage that comes with Bluetooth speakers for your house party. You can take your Bluetooth speakers outdoors, upstairs or even in the swimming pool if they are waterproof and have fun just about anywhere. There are no restrictions or wires to contend with, just pick them up and go.

Seamless music streaming

The best Bluetooth speakers allow you to stream music incredibly fast; you will be able to enjoy uninterrupted music from the word go. This is so convenient for a party because you will not have to keep checking in on the music, the party will simply go on and on.

Modern technology is all about convenience, and things don’t go more convenient than having the ability to take your music wherever you go. This is the perfect solution for your music needs at your house party. Your friends will get to enjoy music non-stop, and you can get to all the other fun stuff without giving it a second thought.

4. Electronic Dart Board

Electronic Dart Board

Electronic dart board also referred to as soft-tip darts due to the dart type used to play, is a fascinating indoor game. The electronic dart board has a playing surface with thousands of small holes. The board has an electronic screen that automatically records the score once a dart enters in any of the holes. They have enlarged board targets due to space limitation, making scoring less frustrating. This has been said to be the major contributor to the rising popularity of the game.

Uses in-house party

Do you want to liven your indoors party? If yes, consider this game as one of the ways towards achieving a fun-filled party. The fact that they come in various shapes and sizes and caters for different groups of people makes them even a better game option.

Playing-Mainly, an electronic dart board, is used to play the electronic dart game where players compete with each other on who scores the highest.

Entertainment-The game itself is entertaining to both the players and their supporters in the party.

Moderator-When is having parties where kids are present, the kid’s electronic dart boards will come in handy. Whenever the young ones are busy playing, everyone else is at peace and can have a chance to enjoy the party as well.


  • Tidy and Saves on space-Compared to the traditional dart boards, the electronic dart boards are technologically advanced, in that, one does not require a chalkboard to write the scores down or duster to rub the score when players switch. The electronic dartboards have a screen that allows the players to scroll and select their score on the screens as well as delete in case of players switch. Others record automatically.
  • Availability of cyber-play option- the electronic dart boards, allows a cyber-linkage between players far apart who have the same kind of boards. This means that players do not need to be in the same place in order for the two to play.
  • Auto shutdown- in instances where a player forgets to shut down the system after playing, the electronic dart boards have an automatic sleep mode that enables the unit to turn off on its own after some time.
  • Variety- they come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. This allows the little ones and people with different handicaps to participate in the game. The electronic dartboards also have a variety of features like; easily customizable themes, sound effects, and animation among others that make the game easy and enjoyable to all.
  • Safety and fair game- electronics dartboards for kids are usually soft and flexible, therefore in cases of accidents, there will be fewer damages to deal with. Additionally, the electronic dart board comes with storage drawers; this means your darts have less likelihood of being lost. Some have installed CCTV cameras and applications to check for people intending to score unfairly.

Without a doubt, electronic dart board is a true revolution of dart game. It’s one of those games that will get every family member involved. It has no age limit as it offers a wide range of different people including those who have different levels of skills, unlike the traditional dart game. Should it be one of the games you need to have in your house parties? Yes.  After all, nobody wants a boring party.

5. Iceless Wine Chiller

Iceless Wine Chiller

This is a type of wine chiller that doesn’t require the use of ice to keep the wine bottle cold. The chiller is activated by first running it for 90 seconds under cold water before use. It works through the evaporation process mechanism, where the unglazed clay outer part absorbs water for those 90 second, and later the water evaporates at a slow rate, thus maintaining the wine bottle cold for 3 hours or more.

Uses in-house parties

Wine coolers- they are used to keep the wine cool for up to 3 hours.

Centerpiece- the acrylic clear ice chillers can be used as centerpieces on various tables, especially on high-end self-service in-house parties. They can have inscribed special messages decorated within to serve this purpose elegantly.

Flower vases- in parties that do not involve wine drinking, they can be used to serve as flower vases.


  • Convenient- It’s very convenient in that, for 3 hours or more, there is no going to and fro to assemble ice and refill the bucket, as compared to the ice buckets.
  • Clean- you do not need to worry about condensation on the wine bottle and the pulling out and in of the wine bottle which makes the place messy and damp.
  • Affordable- the long-term costs are minimal. For in-house parties, no need to hire a person to serve while explaining the wine, this is because modern iceless wine chillers have a clear acrylic that enables the guests to read about the wine on the bottle without lifting the bottle. Additionally, no glass cloths are needed to wipe the bottle off its condensation. This cuts costs on the
  • Variety- the iceless chillers come in various shapes. Thus they can accommodate a variety of wine bottles with different shapes and sizes.
  • Presentable- compared to the old-fashioned wine buckets, the iceless wine coolers are more presentable
  • Space-saving- the iceless wine chillers also saves on space since they are not as large as the traditional wine buckets.
  • Hygienic- the fact that one can read through the ice cooler to see the type, origin, and kind of wine without necessarily lifting the wine bottle makes it way hygienic.

This is clearly a very affordable means of making a party way more classy and sophisticated. The fact that it is not messy and doesn’t require each and everyone touching all wine bottles to lift and read to see if it’s what they really want makes it more hygienically interesting. On the other hand, it is a very sustainable way of maintaining a cold temperature which means less power usage on the ice maker and better means of water saving . People should embrace this idea as soon as possible. On a serious note, an iceless wine chiller would make a good present for your special ones.

6. Electric Fireplace

Electric Fireplace

This is a form of an electric heater that imitates a fireplace burning, wood, natural gas or coal. The fireplaces are connected to a wall and plugged into an electrical switch when turned on it burns as flame only. They are mostly located in conventional fireplaces that means one cannot use conventional fires on that place. An electric fireplace can be used to heat a 400 sq ft room meaning it consumes about 1.4-1.6 kW.

Uses in-house parties

Warming the house- Especially during the cold season, the electric fireplace can serve as a warmer.

Beauty- they can be used to make the house more outstanding and beautiful as well as give a homely and traditional set-up/outdoor feel to the people around.


Safe- worry not, you won’t hear a loud bang of a gas cylinder burst anytime in your house, or your kids are screaming out of a burn. There are no fumes emitted by this kind of fireplace. Once the fireplace is turned on, the lights mimic flames giving an impression of a real fire with a background of logs or coal; there is no smoke or gas. This is safe since no toxic fumes are released whatsoever. In case of kids being burnt, the electric fire heats the room whereas it is not as hot in itself.

Durable- as compared to other conventional types of fireplaces, the electric ones last longer. This is because they are not exposed to smoke that may lead to clogging, corrosion or rusting.

Variety of designs- it comes with plenty of designs to choose from. Are you looking to fill an empty corner of your house? Or maybe a traditional feel in your house? This is an ideal form of the fireplace to consider for people in search of uniqueness.

Portable- they can be moved from place to place. Unlike other ways like coal and wood fireplace which are fixed to one place, the electric fireplace has no such a restriction.

Cost-effective- they do not require maintenance as compared to other means of burning like wood or gas fireplace. They also do not require chimneys meaning installation is less involving and cleaning costs are minimal.

Convenient- this method of heating can be used at any time of year irrespective of the outside weather changes. Rainy season is not favorable for a wood fireplace.

Low installation costs- depending on the type of fireplace you want, the installation costs are as low as having an open hole on the walls of your apartments, others stand-alone types of electric heaters just need a house with a socket, and that’s it. You don’t have to worry about getting your walls drilled and dismantled to form a chimney area as it is in cases of a wood fireplace.

With the continued preaching and activism against deforestation, other means of fires like gas, coal, and wood are slowly leaving the world. The electric fireplaces are gaining popularity. Their exposure of current generation to the old ways of leaving also gives a sense of belonging. All these wrapped together creates the need for change and embrace to this form of house heating. Its safety and low maintenance is clearly a plus. Additionally, it has its downsides which mainly are that it can’t be used outside, can’t be used for other purposes like cooking due to the low heat strength and that the buying price is high.

7. Bluetooth Karaoke Party Machine

Bluetooth Karaoke Party Machine

These machines feature CD+G lyrics and graphics, inbuilt speakers, LED ‘rock star’ lights, (A2DP) Advanced Audio Distribution Profiles supports Bluetooth usage and has a CD player. The machine allows you to sing along with the song playing, enabling automated voice controls to make you sound as good as the singer and more so in a disco. The entire experience is fascinating enough to make your head down to the nearest store to purchase one of these machines.

Uses in-house party

Singing- Bluetooth karaoke party can be used for an in-house party to sing and entertain the guests. Some of the machines come with the extra microphone to help the singer incorporate friends and make it a sing-along song.

Lighting and decor- the party machines come in various shapes and colors. They also have several different colors they display once they are turned on. This creates a disco light effect in a house, and this is all parties are about.

Recording- you might want to save some memories for your party. The Bluetooth karaoke party machines are the ideal thing. They are fully technologically advanced to enable you to record the song you are singing and listen later.

Presents- one can give a friend this machine as a present, whether a child or an adult. This is because they came with different features, shapes, sizes, and colors for various people.

Power banks- some of these machines have features that support USB power bank enabling them to serve as electronic charging systems.


  • Variety- the machines come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and feature. This makes them suitable for all both young children and the adults.
  • Multipurpose-some machines have inbuilt AM/FM radio; others have a USB power bank that can be used to charge your mobile phones and other devices.
  • Easy to use- most machines come with manuals, have microphones, a display screen for the various songs, adjustable stand for kids among others that make them easy to use.
  • Affordable- kid’s karaoke machines are affordable. The machine is also cost-effective in that one does not require to purchase disco lights as the machine has its own LED lights that offer the same effect.
  • Compatibility-some of these machines are compatible with gadgets like TV, smartphone, iPad/tablets allowing you to stream live the songs of your choice. They also have effects like adjustable light, pitch-correction, reverb, powerful harmonies and vocal tracks for quality voice. This makes it good for starters as well as young children.
  • Mobility- the machines are easily portable from place to place with some having wheels as well as a collapsible handle to ease mobility. That means you have no limitations when it comes to the location of your party.
  • Quality- some of these machines features inbuilt rechargeable batteries with up to 50 power watts that can last over 50 hours.

With the increase in search of unforgettable party experiences, the Bluetooth karaoke party machines are gaining popularity. This, however, is not without some critics. Various people have complained of overpricing of some machines, stability of the kid’s machines, defects of the machines among others.

8. Instant Camera

Instant Camera

This is an old-fashioned type of camera that utilizes self-developing film to create a print shortly after the picture is taken. It appears more or less like the small digital camera with features like lenses and capture buttons but a difference in the working mechanism altogether. They came in different colors and sizes.

Uses in-house parties

Photography- what are parties without lasting memories? The instant cameras can be used to capture moments as they happen in the parties for lasting memories.

Presents- the cameras come in handy as presents and especially to the little ones who are eager about everything around them. The hard copy print that comes out shortly after can also serve as a souvenir for your guests.


  • Instant gratification-unlike the digital cameras that one has to wait for photo editing and later sending or printing, the instant cameras offer immediate satisfaction to both the photographer and the model.
  • Nostalgia- for those lucky enough to have experienced the old school cameras, clearly understand the feeling that comes with the sound the camera makes when capturing, smell during photo developing and the tense moment as you wait to see how you look. All these have a way of giving your soul a nostalgic and warm feeling.
  • Privacy- the instant cameras erases the image with the print copy. As soon as you get your print copy, your photograph is no longer in the camera; this means in case of anything, there is no traceable link between you and the incidence. Modern digital cameras keep your photographs even after printing. You are thinking about photocopies right now and wondering how private they are, well, there is just something personal and unique about an instant camera image.
  • Perfect for test shots- the fact that the photograph s instant, that means in case there is something about the photograph, you can immediately redo the shot to perfection. This aspect makes the camera ideal for those aspiring to be professional photographers.
  • Room for creativity- an instant photograph has a white patch around the photo that allows for a variety of creative things. These may include a calligraphy of place and time the shot was taken, a hand drawing of an animal or symbol, especially for birthday photographs.
  • Variety- these instant cameras come in different sizes and colors. This makes them ideal for various ages of people.
  • Portability- the instant cameras are small and light as compared to the current DSLR cameras. It’s easy to carry in your bag; you don’t necessarily require another special big bag to carry it. Thus said, it’s very convenient in terms of portability.

Instant cameras give users a chance to experience photography in a nostalgic novelty and old-fashioned way that was almost extinct. These types of cameras set you apart from the crowd considering the expertise and the uniqueness that comes with them. The instant camera helps the photographer reconnect with a memory of good old days. That’s not to say it lacks some cons; they include, blur images and the high cost of film. One thing to keep in mind is that wherever you show up in a place with an instant camera, high likelihood is that you will make an extra friend.

9. Indoor Electric Grill

Indoor Electric Grill

In instances where you can’t get out to grill due to weather conditions, health status or nature of your guests, grad an indoor electric grill and enjoy a sumptuous grilled steak, vegetables or burgers. An indoor electric grill features a heating element either directly below the cooking element or fixed within the cooking surface. The grill has a drip pan just below the grill to tap any fat that oozes from the meet.

Uses in-house parties

Do you want your party to have grilled meat and you want people inside? Probably its chilly inside or you have kids as part of your guests? Worry no more, the indoor electric grill will rescue you.

Grilling meat- these grills the main job is to grill the meat. So for a grilled steak indoor party, this indoor electric grill will be of great use.

Grilling vegetables and bread- electric grills can grill vegetables and bread as well, in cases of vegetarians or burger lovers in the party, they too can have the grill feel.


  • Variety- they come in various sizes to cater to various needs. They vary in features, with some being led while others are open.
  • Cost-effective- use of natural gas grills can be very expensive. The costs of continually refilling the gas tank or paying gas providers, in the long run, is way more expensive than the use of the electric grill.
  • Safety- Electric grills do not emit poisonous fumes like the gas and charcoal grills. This ensures its safety and ideal for in-house use without being worried someone might suffocate or choke in your party.
  • Convenient- electric grills easy to clean and store. They are mostly small hence do not require too much space for storage. They also can be placed on top of a kitchen table  This means they are easily portable as well when compared to traditional grill that requires a relatively huge space for storage and hence more difficult to move around.
  • Clean and time saving-electric indoor grill requires you just to switch it on, wait for it to heat and place your meat. Charcoal grills require you to go fetch coal, light it up and place your meat. We all understand how that is messy and time-consuming.

Indoor electric grills are the most convenient grilling method, ensuring privacy and not by any chance letting the entire neighborhood know you are grilling. For people with a restriction on going out, they too can enjoy grilling experience indoors. Nothing is perfect. That is to mean electric grills have their disadvantages as well. These include less tasty meat compared to charcoal grilled meat. This is because the charcoal grill is hotter and penetrates deep into the meat making it taste and smell delicious. For indoor lovers, indoor electric grills are your perfect choice.

10. Portable Cooler

Portable Cooler

The portable cooler is also known as icebox/cooler box/chilly bin, ‘esky’ among other names. It is usually made of a hard foam fixed in between two exterior and interior plastics. They have either ice cubes or ice packs placed inside to maintain whatever is stored there at low temperatures. Others have a special gel sealed inside; it takes longer to change its form compared to ice cubes thus it lasts longer.

Uses in-house parties

Storage- in house parties, coolers can be of great use. They can be used to store things ice-cream, wines and beers or any other item meant to be served cold.

Tables and chairs- in cases where the party turn out is more than expected and chairs are not enough, the portable coolers can be used for seating on or even placing foods and drinks.

Presents- portable coolers can be given out as presents in case of a birthday, bridal shower or baby shower kind-of party.

Playing table- when people are having a party, games are part of the entertainment. Games such as cards and chess can be played on top of a cooler box. The cooler box is a little bit raised, and that means you can play while seated comfortably on chairs and that your game is safe from the little ones who can be destructive.

Resting place for pets- say you have an in a house party and some of your guests show up with their pets. Wouldn’t cooler boxes serve as a resting place their instead of being on the floor?


Portability- portable coolers are easy to carry around, may it be in a car or in a house. Unlike refrigerators that need to stay in one place. They have features like comfortable side grip that enables easy carriage to any place. Others come in a bag form that you can carry around without people even noticing it’s a cooler.

Affordability and durability- the buying price of coolers is relatively low. Maintenance is very low involving simple tasks like cleaning the ice formed in the cooler, proper storage, minimizing air entry among others. Portable coolers are not items you will replace monthly, depending on how well you take care of them, they can serve you long enough.

Hygienic- exposure to foods and drinks to air, exposed it to micro-organisms that cause illnesses. Portable coolers are leaded and also maintain a low temperature. These two factors are necessary to keep any harmful bacteria at bay.

Require little storage space- most portable coolers are compact in design. This characteristic enables them to need a small space for storage as opposed to big coolers.

Variety- portable coolers come in different sizes, colors, and features. This offers a great variety of choice options to buyers.

Everyone needs a cooler irrespective of the nature of your job. One day you will go to the beach. Oh yes! Nothing beats a cold drink sip when it’s hot. Affordability and durability of the portable coolers is also a plus. The coolers are also a means of hygiene since food and drinks are kept at relatively low temperatures and covered as well. This ensures no food contamination occurs. Make your indoor party safe and cool.