10 Best Water Speakers 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Water SpeakersWhat comes to your mind when you hear the term “water speakers”?

If your reply is a waterproof speaker, you are mistaken.

This relatively new phenomenon in the sound and light entertainment industry provides you with a decent sound and a great show of water and light dancing together with the music.

10 Best Water Speakers Review 2022

Product NameTypeConnectivity Technology
SoundSOUL (Our pick)SurroundUSB
Portable (Runner-up)LoudhailerBluetooth, USB
e-Joy 22771 (Upgrade pick)Subwoofer USB
SoundSOULSubwoofer Bluetooth
BlackMulti RoomUSB
e-Jo VEMulti RoomUSB
Sharper SBT5013Subwoofer Bluetooth, USB
NAXASubwoofer Bluetooth
DE DancingMulti RoomUSB

One thing that must be kept in mind is that quality speakers do not necessarily cost a fortune. You can always find a unit with excellent sound quality, good battery life and some useful extras at a reasonable price.

We have picked some of the best water speakers in the market to make your search easier for you.

1. SoundSOUL – Best Water Dancing Speakers ( Editor’s Pick)

SoundSOUL Water Dancing SpeakersIf you want a great light and sound show while enjoying your favorite music, get these SoundSOUL speakers.

In this product, you will find a durable, energy-efficient and travel-friendly gadget that guarantees a great sound along with a water dancing phenomenon that will be a feast for your eyes.

It will keep your ears and eyes glued to it. This is great as a gift because of its stylish design and immaculate finish.

The light weight and small size make it a great traveling companion. You will enjoy the music along with entertaining dancing magic anywhere you go.

You can start your great audiovisual experience with a simple plug-and-play operation.

The interior and external are made from acrylic and feel great to touch. The liquid inside is a non-toxic material which is also non-ignitable and does not pose any safety hazard for the user.

Equipped with a built-in amplifier, this pair provides a crisp and noiseless sound. Owing to its feature of surround sound, the speakers are fit for watching movies and DJing. All you fun-loving folks out there, be ready to have thrilling music with crystal-clear sound in your next party!

Compatible with Most Gadgets

The 5 mm connection port is compatible with an array of devices like iPod, Mac, PC, tablet, iPad, iPhone and Android phones. Hence, you can have fun listening and viewing with all your devices.

The 4 LED lights give a great water dancing show. The water fountain rises with the volume of sound. You will understand the amusement value of this item once you try it.

Overall, these are good speakers that offer a nice design and impressive water/light work and is easy to use. The sound quality is also fine. It uses a non-inflammable liquid instead of water and is compatible with many gadgets.

  • Good all-around sound.
  • Nice compatibility with other devices.
  • Very portable and travel-friendly.
  • Great texture.
  • No Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Does not have enough bass.

2. Svance – Portable  Speakers With Bluetooth

Svance Portable Dancing Water SpeakerThis upgraded version of the Svance Portable Dancing Speaker is equipped with Bluetooth and an advanced DIY water-filling facility.

The super-rich sound and fascinating water/light effects provide a soothing experience of fun-filled music.

Being portable and wireless, the speakers offer you the chance to enjoy music while witnessing the dance of water and light on beats.

The microSD card slot and 3.5 mm input port enable the speakers to pair with any gadget, whether with wires or wirelessly. It is compatible with Android and Apple smartphones and tablets and laptops, so it offers great flexibility in this aspect.

Its squawk box is made from high-quality material that gives its texture ultra-firmness. This makes it capable of handling average resistance effectively. Most customer reviews indicate that the durability is a great feature of this product.

The True Wireless Stereo technology used enables you to connect two Svance speakers simultaneously for enjoying a powerful stereo sound.

It is small and easy to carry. You can fit it anywhere in the house. The sleek and modern design with the bullethead shape makes it look great everywhere.

The loudhailer aided by a strong amplifier accentuates the sound quality and takes it to the next level. The 360-degree sound is detailed and absolutely noise-free.

It is very portable, which makes it an ideal speaker for every occasion. Hence, if you are on a vacation and want excellent music at any party, this speaker will be perfect.

SVANCE offers a hassle-free warranty for 1 year. It gives great liberty to customers as they can simply email the manufacturer if they are not satisfied for any reason, and the company will take all measures required to satisfy the customer.

The brand is reputable, and its product is durable owing to the material used in its construction. The unique bullethead design with a sturdy base makes it great to look at. Being lightweight and portable, the speakers make for a good traveling companion.

  • 360-degree detailed sound.
  • Pairs well with any Bluetooth device.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Firm texture due to the high-quality material.
  • Sometimes, the volume has to be loud for the perfect water movements.

3. e-Joy 22771 – Water Speakers with Dazzling Colors

e-Joy 22771This Amazon bestseller combines fashion and functionality in one package.

The speaker has achieved huge popularity among customers because they like its durability, design and performance.

Both experts and customers rate this item very high. These speakers offer a loud, clear and noise-free sound quality.

They are lightweight and highly portable and can be carried anywhere.

The 360-degree surround audio coupled with colorful water dancing offers quality entertainment.

The speakers are not equipped with a battery and may be powered by USB, which saves you both cost and time.

The speakers are made with high-quality plastic with a fine finish, and the water tube is constructed with durable transparent acrylic.

This feature is very impressive as the resulting show of dancing water and dazzling colors creates a fascinating sight. If you switch off the lights of the room, the sound and light show will be a feast for both your ears and eyes. This audio-visual show is very elegant and is adored by everyone, especially kids.

The e-Joy 22771 has a fashionable design that enhances the décor of any room. This type of decorative design has been combined with great functionality, resulting in a very popular product in the water speaker market.

On this count, e-Joy 22771 proves to be fairly impressive because it works well with all devices including MP3 and MP4 players, iPads, PCs and iPods.

The product is both stylish and durable. The construction material is high quality, and the black theme makes it look elegant. Its compact size and magnificent sound make it a must-have item for outdoor entertainment.

  • Fashionable design.
  • Pairs well with multiple devices.
  • Durable water tubes made with high-quality transparent acrylic.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • There are certain issues with vibration.

4. SoundSOUL – Best Budget Water Speakers on The List

SoundSOUL Bluetooth Dancing Water SpeakersBeing one of the best Bluetooth speakers in the market, this product offers quality, durability and ease of use.

Its terrific sound quality with exceptional clarity makes it an enormously popular product.

It has a sleek and elegant design, so it can be placed in any room and will pair well with the décor.

The construction and design of this product are exceptional. Customers have been singing praises of its elegant design and long life.

The manufacturers have made all efforts to produce a quality unit that has been made from non-toxic material.

The meticulous testing guarantees there would be no water leakage. These speakers are also pleasant to touch because of their fine finish.

The amplifiers ensure that the speakers produce surround sound that is crystal clear.

The great audio quality remains at the same level, whether you connect the speakers to a PC or a phone. However, occasional noise disruptions have been reported.

The sound and light show presented by the colorful LED lights and thrilling water movement combine with the crisp sound of your favorite music to take you to another level of fun and entertainment.

The speaker has been equipped with 4 buttons for an extremely easy operation. It only requires to be plugged in a socket. You will notice that it starts much quicker than other speakers of its kind.

This speaker offers fun, functionality and style in one package. Hence, it is a useful gift for your loved ones. I assure you that you will receive many compliments for a gift like this.

The speakers have a built-in rechargeable battery of 1800 mAh, which can be recharged very quickly.

This is one of the best products in the market. If you are searching for a water speaker that combines style, performance and durability, don’t hesitate to buy the SoundSOUL Bluetooth Dancing Water Speaker. It is a product worth its price.

  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Compatible with any Bluetooth device.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Immaculate finish.
  • Powerful adapter for Bluetooth
  • Sometimes, the annoying water noise can create disruptions.

5. Black Dancing – Water Fountain Speakers

Black Dancing Water Fountain SpeakersThe speaker stands out in a crowd of water speakers and excels on account of its unique style, great finish, high-quality performance and powerful audio-visual extravaganza.

It is widely adored by customers because of its audio quality with super-fine clarity of voice.

It is a must-have item for all parties, vacations and indoor solo listening experiences.

When the lights of your bedroom are off and you plug in the system, you will be transported to a fantasy world through your favorite music and the fascinating water and lights dance with the beats.

The audio has an unmatched clarity, so you can enjoy much more detailed music with no noise at all.

Thus, listening to music becomes an experience worth sharing with others. The sound is so natural and pure that you discover a feeling which was unknown before.

Its excellent compatibility with a wide range of gadgets (cell phones, iPads, iPods, MP3s and MP4s) is one reason for its popularity among all types of users.

The great portability and ease in carrying it are liked by all party lovers and camping enthusiasts who never forget to take it along. With only 1.5 lbs. of weight, it is very handy and can be positioned anywhere.

The multi-colored LED lights and shooting water create a mesmerizing scene. The visual impact intensifies even further with the increasing sound volume.

The customer reviews especially highlight its elegant and stylish design.

These speakers are high-fidelity and have achieved popularity in the market because of their quality sound and nice design. This product will give you natural sound with great water/light dancing show that will please your kids and friends alike.

  • Cool audio-visual show.
  • Highly reliable speakers.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Bluetooth connectivity is missing.

6. Aolyty – Best Colorful LED Dancing Water Speakers

AolytyIf you are searching for a portable, lightweight speaker with high-end features, I will suggest Aolyty as the best choice.

Its weight is just 350 grams, which makes it so easy to carry anywhere.

That’s why it is loved by everyone. You will find that the portability and weightlessness have not compromised its quality at all, as the product is equipped with many high-end features as well.

The modern design provides a stylish look to this product, so it is loved by all those who love electronic gadgets which combine style and function.

The speakers are equipped with multi-colored LED lights, which show a delightful visual phenomenon that can change your mood along with the feeling of the room within minutes. The water dances and synchronizes with the beats.

The quality amplifiers produce an accurate sound that is natural and detailed. The sound quality remains unaltered irrespective of the device you are using. Thus, you will enjoy the same audio quality using a smartphone, PC, laptop, tablet and iPod.

The charming features of this product make it a great gift item. The receiver will be thankful for such a unique item.

The Aolyty speaker is very easy to operate. It is just a plug-and-play mechanism which lets you enjoy fascinating music along with great visual phenomenon. The battery can also be charged easily through USB.

The fountain speakers look amazing at night. When you turn the lights off and let the speakers begin the show, it will allure everybody.

This compact yet high-quality water speaker comes in a size that is just right.

The bass and richness of the sound create great audio quality, while the multicolored LED lights create an alluring visual extravaganza.

  • Amazing sound quality with deep bass.
  • Easy plug-and-play setup.
  • Great visual display in the dark.
  • Size is just right.
  • The colors are not visible when the lights are on.

7. eJOY_VE – Another Water Speakers with LED Lights

eJOY_VEThis is the latest model from e-Joy which has a uniquely stylish design.

It has made many improvements in sound quality, design, connectivity and lighting, which have made it even better than the previous e-Joy speakers.

Customers are fond of these speakers for their high-end features that add to the listening experience.

This is the reason why 66% customers have rated it high.

While analyzing the reviews, you will come across many reasons why they are adored by customers. Some of these features are durability, sound quality, value for price and fun.

The 4 LED lights with different colors generate a great visual presentation that enlivens the room. The water bounces with the beats of the music.

This portable and lightweight item can be your travel companion that can accompany you on trips so that you don’t miss your favorite music.

The compatibility range of this product is amazing. It can be plugged into nearly all devices like MP3s, MP4s, iPods, tablets, laptops and PCs.

Thus, you will feel at ease while using this speaker irrespective of which device you have. This means you will have flexibility while using it.

The audio quality of these speakers is impressive because of the flawless and crystal-clear sound. It takes your listening experience to the next level. The speakers are free from any noise interruptions.

Most customers who have given this speaker as a gift to their loved ones describe the happiness which the recipients expressed after using it. Not only does it look fine, but it also performs well.

Although these speakers don’t come with Bluetooth connectivity, they more than make up for it by being compatible with all kinds of devices and giving a noise-free and detailed sound.

  • Lightweight
  • Loud and noise-free sound
  • Compatible with many devices
  • No Bluetooth connectivity

8. Sharper Image SBT5013 – Water Speakers with Subwoofers

Sharper Image SBT5013 These speakers are manufactured by Sharper Image, which is famous for manufacturing quality speakers.

The SBT5013 can be synced with any Bluetooth device and gives a great water and light dancing performance.

The 2.1 stereo system with built-in AC power produces very clear sounds.

If you listen to a song on these speakers, you will be able to listen to every detail of the song and enjoy it like never before.

The subwoofers provide a tight and better-sounding bass. It can work well with a computer as well.

You only need to plug in the AUX cable to your PC, and it will start functioning.

The following features are immensely useful for a great water dancing show and incredible audio:

The subwoofers allow great adjustability in the bass, which lets you hear every song with the minutest detail. This provides an excellent listening experience that is unmatched.

The dazzling lights and dancing water generate a spectacular audio-visual presentation. The water bounces on the music tunes. As the volume raises, so does the water.

You can sync this speaker to any Bluetooth device. However, it will still need to be connected to AC power.

The sound quality of these speakers is just incredible. These are the most balanced speakers in the market which produce a natural sound without any noise.

The design is stylish and exudes elegance. It can pair perfectly well with any décor. Its decorative value enhances the ambience of any furniture.

The good thing, however, is that great design does not compromise its performance.

These are really cool speakers to have due to its high-end features. Equipped with Bluetooth technology and 5 LED lights in each speaker, the unit just can’t be resisted. Its visual display is so spectacular that it livens up the room.

  • Loud yet balanced sound.
  • Subwoofers with great bass adjustability.
  • Wide compatibility.
  • Aesthetically pleasing design.
  • Cables are not lengthy enough.

9. Naxa Electronics NHS-2009 – Water Speakers with FM Radio

Naxa Electronics NHS-2009This is an extremely alluring floor-standing speaker that exudes elegance and charm to such an extent that nobody can resist its aesthetic beauty.

Its high-end sound quality and light/water show also add great value to this product.

The speakers come with an AC power adaptor, remote control and two high-performance drivers.

This product offers innovation in design and technology, which make it a huge favorite for consumers.

This type of sound is unmatched, and the product stands out for its fabulous audio quality.

One can appreciate that the sound quality is impressive for its size. For all music lovers, the 360-degree surround sound provides an enjoyable listening experience which will be unforgettable.

The system is equipped with a built-in FM radio, which is an excellent addition. Along with enjoying your favorite songs, you can tune into your favorite station to hear the news, weather updates or celebrity interviews.

The light and water show is simply stunning. The water and light movements respond to the audio volume, which is mesmerizing to watch. The fountain effect found only in a theme park can now be enjoyed in your cozy home and parties.

The design of these speakers is attractive enough to make it a sleek addition to any office or home. The vertical speakers with black base and transparent upper portion look simply fabulous.

They are an ideal choice for all those music lovers who want not only a great sound but also cool looks.

The product’s great audio quality, Bluetooth technology and cool design will make most customers its fans. The other useful accessories that are enclosed in its packing also make it an attractive item. These include an FM tuner, a remote control and high-grade drivers.

  • The sound quality is really nice.
  • A built-in FM tuner.
  • Sophisticated design.
  • Bluetooth technology.
  • User manual is missing.

10. E-Joy DE – Water Jets with Multiple Colors

DE Dancing Water SpeakersThese top-notch speakers are the best for their technical capabilities and aesthetically pleasing design.

This product is a novelty piece as well as a great functional gadget.

The patented water jets make the water bounce with the beats of the music in a spectacular fashion, which fascinates everyone who witnesses this extravaganza.

These speakers present a sleek, elegant and stylish design that pairs well with any décor.

The transparent upper part of this speaker coupled with the black lower base looks shiny because of the excellent finish.

The audio quality of these speakers is great and provides an unrivalled listening experience to the user. It sounds brilliant and vivid and possesses depth and detail. The speakers eliminate all noises, so the user hears a natural sound.

The artistic design of this speaker is largely thanks to its finish. You won’t be able to resist watching it even when it is not working. This makes it stand out from all other competing products.

The 4 multi-colored lights provide patterns that respond to the bass and treble of the music being played. This spectacular show is nothing but magic for all those watching who get mesmerized by this phenomenon.

Most customers sing praises for this product. Their reviews describe it as a reliable, durable and fashionable item. 69% of them have rated this item highly, showing how much they trust it. They recommend it as a great gift item as well.

This great speaker features patented water fountain jets, 3.5 mm cables, LED lighting and clear sound. Its new version is launched with Bluetooth technology and can be connected to all mobile devices. When it comes to durability, it can compete with any other speaker in the store.

  • Design is clutter-free.
  • Robust plastic case.
  • Water jets with multiple colors.
  • Easy plug-and-play operation.
  • Small speakers with clear and loud sound.
  • For the best performance, the volume needs to be dialed way up high.

Buying Guide – Things to Look for When Buying a Water Speaker

Speakers with light that move with music have been here for quite some time, but the sound combined with light and water in one spectacular show is a relatively new phenomenon. The wide use of these speakers has created great demand in the market.

The market is replete with various water speakers with different designs, features, sound quality and audio-visual capabilities. Hence, choosing one from the myriad of options is a bit complicated and requires some research.

Before going any further and discussion the features to consider for buying a water speaker, let’s discuss a bit about the expectations one might have when purchasing this product. While this is just a brief look, it will help you compare various models and choose the best one for your needs.

What to Expect from a Water Speaker?

This discussion relates to the motives behind buying a water speaker. In my opinion, you may want either a fun-filled audio-visual treat for your kids or a reliable system for parties. In any case, your primary expectation is good sound quality.

There can be a difference between what you expect and what you get. You will actually come across a bunch of water speakers with the same features and almost the same quality being sold under different names and prices. Here, I would suggest you to be more cautious and recommend that you not become an impulsive buyer. Act methodically and compare each product with others in the same price range according to the features provided and the quality of performance.

For all prospective buyers, I have made a buying guide which will provide all the required factors to take into account to make a smart decision. Let’s go through these important considerations:

Sound Quality

Since you are primarily looking for a speaker, your priority should be the sound quality. If all other features are great but the sound lacks clarity and is nothing but noise, the product is not worth its money. Hence, I advise you to check the sound quality of a speaker before buying it. Make sure the amplifiers create loud sound with a good bass and are able to eliminate all noise.

I will also advise you to check the sound of the speakers at the highest volume. There should be no distortion in sound at this level. You also need to go through customer reviews to see their remarks about the sound quality. These reviews will provide extremely useful information because they are based on one’s experience.

Since sound is the most important element of a water speaker, I will be going into a bit more detail here. Take the following aspects into consideration:

FrequencySensitivityPower Handling

The range of sound a speaker emits depends on its frequency. The audible frequencies are in the range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz. The former corresponds to deep bass, whereas the latter corresponds to a piercingly high frequency.

The higher the sensitivity of a speaker, the louder the volume. Sensitive speakers consume less energy in producing louder volumes. An average speaker has a sensitivity of 87 to 88 dB. A speaker which has over 90 dB sensitivity performs much better than those with a lower sensitivity level.

A unit that runs on higher wattage will produce crispier and louder sound than one with lower power. A 40- to 50-watt speaker should be fine.


People today want everything to be aesthetically pleasing. They want style with functionality. While you must always select a speaker that performs well, looks matter as well. After all, you will not purchase a product which will soon start irritating you because it does not look good. Remember, your speakers are not just for emanating sound; they also add to the ambience of the room.

If you want a water speaker for your home, I suggest you go for a free-standing design. It not only is powerful but also adds elegance to the room. For offices, however, you should select a more compact speaker.


The lights play a vital role in creating the visual fun that a water dancing speaker is meant for. Thus, go for a speaker that has many LED lights in multiple colors.

Not all manufacturers use the same colors for lighting. Hence, I suggest that you opt for a mix of colors that suits your personal preferences. It should also be noted that certain color palettes give a nice visual in the dark, while others are more suitable for the day.

The quality of LED lights should be checked for both dark and daylight options because it has been reported by some users that in certain models, lights are less visible if the room lights are on.

For brighter lights, you will need more wattage, which will result in high energy consumption.


I know that people today will not like a speaker that cannot pair with a wide range of devices that they use. Hence, you must look for speakers that are compatible with the devices you use. Thanks to the advancements in technology, most models can be connected to PCs, laptops, smartphones, MP3s, MP4s, iPods and iPads. Be sure to get this flexibility.


Water speakers come in different varieties. Some are manufactured with flimsy material and do not last long. The element of durability is very important; after all, what is the use of spending precious bucks on a product which does not last?

The other factor regarding quality pertains to leakage of water. The quality of material for both the body and internal parts must, therefore, be checked. You should ensure that the material used in the manufacture is nontoxic and high quality.

Though plastic does not have a negative impact on the quality, it is a fact that metal will be a much better choice. You can knock on the exterior body to check whether it is solid or chintzy.

Ease of Use

The comfort of listening to music is associated with the ease of using the speakers. You should select a model that operates with maximum ease. A plug-and-play speaker would be the best. One important thing to take care of is easy loading and playing music.

Water Jets

Water jets make the water move upward with pressure. Their number generally match with the number of lights. If a water speaker has one water jet for each color, it produces a variety in fun. A good water speaker, therefore, is one that has many water jets.

There are water speakers that come with as many as 8 water jets. While these speakers are big, they create an astounding water show. If you have large rooms and want to excite your guests with a visual extravaganza, you will not be disappointed by purchasing a giant speaker with many water jets.


The portability factor is critical, especially for people who want speakers for vacations, outdoor parties, traveling, camping and beach trips. There are many speakers which are lightweight and have a compact design that make them extremely portable.

Though I am emphasizing on portability, I do not want that you make any compromise on quality of performance for just portability. I am saying this because I know there are plenty of models that offer both portability and quality performance, so all you have to do is make some extra effort in your search and surely, you will find a unit that excels both in performance and portability.

If you are searching for a water speaker that is ultra-portable for travel, go for a slender and compact unit that can easily fit in a backpack or briefcase.


In case of wired connectivity, you will have to search for a unit that provides a 3.5 mm auxiliary input that enables you to connect through an AUX cable. You must check the quality of wires. In this regard, customer reviews will be very beneficial because they give comments on the basis of first-hand experience. In the case of Bluetooth, there should be a lag-free stable connectivity.

Battery Life

The battery life should be checked before buying the speakers. After all, you would not want to stop your fun every hour. Small speakers usually possess small batteries and do not last long. The relatively larger speakers, however, provide batteries with more charging capacity. The average life of the battery is usually mentioned on the unit.

The battery life also depends on the use of speakers. If you are an average user who intends to use the speaker at home, a 6- to 9-hour battery life will be sufficient. However, for long-term use for parties and camping, you should select models with a battery life of 10+ hours.


This feature is also very important. Most models come with a warranty of 1 year, though some offer a shorter warranty period as well. Some models offer only 30 days of warranty. Obviously, you must choose a longer warranty option because it provides opportunity to get relief in case the unit malfunctions.


Like all electronic devices, water speakers come with many extras that provide useful functionalities. Different models offer different extras. These include technology-related accessories like Bluetooth connectivity or features that add value to the speakers like a subwoofer and headphones.

Speakers with Bluetooth

The Bluetooth technology has made progress in leaps and bounds. This is the ideal wireless protocol for most folks. Since it does not require any network to connect to, it works at every place on the planet. However, the technology has its shortfalls as well because it can work only up to a distance of 33-50 feet.

The rapid advancement in Bluetooth technology suggests that you should go for more recent models of water speakers. Bluetooth speakers generally pair well with a wide range of mobile devices like Android and Apple devices, so you will not have a problem connecting to your specific device.

Remote Control

Many models give users the luxury to change the volume or track while lying in bed or sitting on their couch.


These are speakers which not only provide a depth in bass (the low-pitched audio frequencies) but also enhance the overall sound quality. If you simply add a good subwoofer instead of upgrading the electronics, it will take your audio quality to the next level.


This factor is being discussed in the last, but it is not the least by any means. Generally speaking, water speakers are not that expensive, but if you are paying money, you must get value for the price. The cost will definitely go up when you enhance your wish list and start searching for extra features, so the price can depend on your preferences.

Final Thoughts

Water speakers are in great demand because they are not just for listening to music. Their popularity is because of the added light and water dancing show.

These speakers come in a variety of shapes, styles, designs and models. At the end of the day, your selection will depend on your preferences and budget, but I have tried to pick the ten best products in the market for different needs. Hopefully, you will find a product here that you will like and you won’t have to waste time searching the market.

While all water speakers have the same basic features, the Bluetooth technology and the addition of valuable extras do create a remarkable difference. In some cases, the same feature can give an improved performance because of the extra elements. For instance, the audio-visual show has a higher impact with more LED lights or more colors. By going through our product reviews, you will be able to identify the features that will improve the performance of the speakers.