Best Bluetooth Speakers for Motorcycle Helmet

Bluetooth Speakers for Motorcycle HelmetBikes are an effective way of traveling, but they don’t always offer the features and freedom that a car provides.

Many people find listening to music or talking on the phone (via Bluetooth) easier when they have car speakers to connect with.

But when you are on a bike, managing these two things is nearly impossible.

However, with the advancement in technology, almost anything is possible, even listening to music while riding your bike.

Here’s the Best Helmet Speakers List for your motorcyle

Product NameBluetoothConectCoverageTalk Time
SENA 20S (Our pick)4.17 Riders2000 Metter13 hours
Cardo PACKTALK (Runner-up)4.115 Riders1600 Metter13 hours
Sena SMH10 (Upgrade pick)3.04 Riders900 Metter12 hours
FreedConn5.03 Riders800 Metter8 hours
X-B4FM3.04 Riders1600 Metter15 hours

There are a lot of different gadgets that bikers can now use to make their rides fun and exciting.

One of these devices includes motorcycle Bluetooth speakers. They are easy to manage and will keep you entertained throughout your ride.

You can get a good pair of speakers at a reasonable price.

Though the task of choosing can be daunting, it becomes more comfortable when you know what you are looking for and your budget.

To help you arrive at the right decision, we have divided this article into two halves.

The first part will discuss the factors you need to look for in a motorcycle Bluetooth speaker; the nest will discuss the best Bluetooth speakers for motorcycles available in the market.

We hope that this will help you make the right choice.

Factors to consider when buying a motorcycle Bluetooth speaker

Previously, the only entertainment a biker could get was the chance to listen to the radio while riding. But thanks to the new advancements in technology, bikers all over have a wide range of devices to choose from.

Nowadays, the rider needs to stay in touch with the world while driving.

To fulfill that need, biker accessory industry has started introducing Bluetooth speakers and cameras to allow them to be able to communicate with their friends and family an even listen to music.

After asking many riders and reading reviews, we have compiled a list of factors that a rider should take into account before deciding which Bluetooth speaker to choose.

The form of the headset

A headsets form is the first factor that you need to take into consideration.

There are lots of options available in the market, and each is different from the other; the main difference lies in shape.

There are two types of helmet speakers available; the attached type and the free-standing type.

The attached speakers will come with an array of attachments that you will need to use so that you can build the speakers on your bike.

Also, attached speakers need to be integrated into the helmet. Whereas freestanding speakers are not built into the helmet, neither do, you need to connect them on to anything.

Most bikers think that freestanding speakers are much more comfortable than the attached type.

Attached speakers are on-ear headphones and need to be placed in the helmet in a way that they cover the ears of the rider; that way, they will be comfortable and easy to use.

Then the helmet will require connection to media devices via Bluetooth or some cable.

Wired or Bluetooth

Even though everyone already knows, using a Bluetooth connection means that there will be no wires involved, but a wire connection will need you to connect the speakers to the device with a cable.

Many bikers, especially those who have to travel on long journeys, prefer Bluetooth connections as no wires are getting in the way or tangling.

However, many Bluetooth speakers include a wire so that you can easily connect the device to the gadget in case Bluetooth runs out of power.

It can be useful on long journeys or in durations when Bluetooth does not connect to the device.

In the case of a wired connection, you do not need to worry about getting a stable relationship or losing the connection as there is a reliable connection between the two devices.

They allow easy and direct use of the speakers. But there is the issue of isolation breaking and a tangle.

In the end, it is your preference, which will help you in choosing between the two.

They have different pros and cons. A wired connection is clear and stable, while a Bluetooth connection is safe and practical.

Size Bluetooth speaker

The size of the Bluetooth speakers plays a massive role in the comfortability they provide the rider.

This is why you need to make sure that you choose the right size; the two things you need to take into account are the thickness and the diameter of the speakers.

Small speakers do not have a high sound quality, plus they are not so practical.

More prominent speakers can be very uncomfortable as they will keep pressing on your ears, which can make the ride very uneasy.

More prominent speakers will also harm your helmet as it will increase it in size and ruin the structure.

Thus, you must look for speakers of the right size; that way, you will have a smooth ride.

Quality of the sound

Even the standard speakers can seem bad is their condition is not high; they can ruin music and disturb the whole environment.

Thus, the quality of the speakers is one of the most important things you need to look into before buying.

Most speakers that you find these days have good quality, but you must be sure about the quality before making the purchase.

One of the best ways to gain an understanding of the quality is by reading authentic reviews.

They will tell you which speakers have good quality and which don’t. Another way is by opting for a brand that is known for its sound quality.

The output of the speakers is essential, especially when helmet speakers are concerned. They will determine the audio signal clarity.


The riding experience of the biker is crucial, which is why they need to sure that whatever they put inside their helmet is comfortable and does not ruin the structure.

Thus, the manufacturers must be careful about the size, style, and comfort of the helmet speakers and the helmets before they release them into the market.

Before you invest in speakers, make sure that they are comfortable as, in the end, they will determine how smooth and safe your ride will be.


Safety is crucial, which is why you need to pay special attention to the security of the speakers when using them inside your helmet.

Make sure that the product you are ready to buy complies with all the safety standards in the market.

You will find some products in the market that do not meet the safety guidelines, which is why you need to be careful before you buy.

Make sure that the manufacturer mentions on the box that one of the features of the product is the safety of the riders.

Best Bluetooth Speakers for Motorcycle Helmet Reviews 2022

To help you narrow down your choices, we have made a list of the best speakers that you can find in the market. The products include a review, features of the products, and their pros and cons.

We came up with the list by researching different (authentic) reviews of different products, and we tested them personally by buying the top ones and using them on our rides.

We have made sure that you know what each product has to offer and what features they lack.

Make sure that you understand what you are looking for and that the product includes all those features before you make the purchase.

1. Sena 20S-01D – Comes with Advanced Noise Control

Sena 20S-01DThere are not many products in the market that are as good (in terms of cost and technicality) than this brand, which is why this product is the editor’s choice.


The product offers multiple functions, one of them being its multitasking ability; the Bluetooth allows you to communicate with a maximum of 8 different people at the same time.

It has a connectivity range of about 2 km.

You can connect the speaker to any device with Bluetooth; you can listen to the GPS instructions or listen to music.

It is considered as an all-round product as it offers radio as well. You can control the speaker’s actions by pattern clicking or voice commands.

The Bluetooth technology offers 4.1, which makes sure that the sound quality is superb; it is clear and of high quality. The transmission and reception are clear.

  • You can pair it with two different phones.
  • You get hands-free phone calls.
  • The audio range is about 2 km.
  • You can use it via voice command.
  • It blocks out all ambient noise.
  • I have a nine-way intercom service.
  • The receiver is attached on the top of the helmet.
  • The positioning of the speaker can be weird.
  • It is a little expensive.

2. Cardo Scala Rider PACKTALK – Communication System with HD Audio

Cardo Scala Rider PACKTALKThe brand is of the oldest makers of motorcycle gadgets in the biking industry.

They have been in business since 2004 and ensure excellent quality and brilliance in terms of their products.

Most of their products have been the best sellers, and each one comes packed with different features.

The PackTalk is one of the most versatile and advanced communication gadgets you can find. It is user-friendly and incorporates advanced technology.


The speakers include Bluetooth 4.1 and DMC, which is the best in terms of technology combinations.

You can use its intercom conferencing with DMC, and with Bluetooth, you can connect to your phone and listen to music, radio, calls or GPS instructions.

The DMC technology of the product allows it to maintain a constant connection with other people.

It has fast pairing technology, which will enable you to connect to other riders as soon as they are within range.

You can connect to about 15 other people at the same time and Bluetooth as a range of about 8 km (the highest available in the market).

The quality of the speakers is outstanding; the sound is clear and crisp.

It comes with dual intercom, individuals, and pack intercom. It has self-adjusting audio technology, as well.

The parallel sound streaming ability allows riders to listen to music and talk at the same moment. It comes with different accessories as well.

  • It comes with DMC and Bluetooth technology.
  • It includes self-adjusting audio.
  • You can use the intercom with 15 people at the same time.
  • You can control it via voice commands and recognition.
  • There is a parallel audio streaming option as well.
  • You will need to buy more if you use half helmets; it will need more attachments for that.

3. Sena SMH10-10 – Long Standby Talks Time

Sena SMH10-10The product has been designed to ensure that bikers are connected with their group over a 1000 yards range.

Even though it is an older model, it has proven its worth time and time again. You can get about 12 hours of talk time and ten days worth of standby.


If you travel long routes almost every day, then this is one of the best products for you. It has a universal intercom and Bluetooth v3.0.

It includes advanced digital processing technology, which ensures a clear sound. It can connect via Bluetooth to other gadgets that support Bluetooth (HFP/HSP and A2DP).

It has separate volume adjustments to help lower or increase the sound volume; it also keeps track of the previously connected devices.

The best part about the product is that it fits almost every type of helmet, and installation is effortless. It comes with different installation clamps and accessories.

It includes a 2-year warranty; the product is trusted amongst its consumers and is known to have a long life.

  • It has a high standby time and talks time.
  • It has universal intercom capabilities allowing it to connect to almost any other Bluetooth device.
  • It has a multi-language user prompt.
  • It has a two-year warranty.
  • It uses a lesser advanced Bluetooth technology (V3 instead of V4).

4. FreedConn TCOM-SC – Most Affordable

FreedConn TCOM-SCA new rider needs a product that is easy to use and does not cost a lot. FreedConn is one of the best products that meet these requirements.

It ensures that you get full value for your money for your product.


You usually get these speakers in a pack of two; they are compatible with other Bluetooth V3 devices.

The range it offers is over 800 meters. It can easily pair two riders together, and the intercom allows three passengers to stay in touch with each other.

You will get the best sound and working of the gadget till the speeds of 120 km/hr.

It comes with audio multitasking technology that lets you talk to other people and listen to music at the same moment. You can talk to other riders, even on the highway. It comes with radio as well.

It comes with noise-canceling and suppression technology, as well. The hand-free technology works very well and clearly.

  • Easy on the wallet.
  • Compatible with other V3 devices.
  • The range is over 800 meters.
  • You can pair with another rider and intercom with three different riders.
  • Works perfectly till the speeds of 120 km/hr.
  • Includes suppression and noise-canceling technology.
  • You cannot use it while it is charging.
  • It comes with V3 Bluetooth technology instead of the newer V4.

5. LEXIN LX-B4FM – Waterproof Bluetooth Headset with Speakers

LEXIN LX-B4FMOne of the best products you can get, which will serve well on the budget, the speakers offer excellent audio quality and multiple features.

It is one of the most accessible products to use, and you can even access it with S Voice and Siri. The speakers will perform beyond expectations in almost every scenario.


The product allows a Bluetooth intercom connection with about four different people and can operate in a range of about 1600 meters.

It has a universal pairing feature that will enable it to connect to almost every other Bluetooth device.

The speakers are durable and sturdy and can operate clearly at high speeds.

The battery gives the speaker about 8 hours of talk time, 130 hours of standby time, and 15 hours of music streaming. You can operate the speaker with voice commands.

It comes with exceptional noise-canceling technology, and it comes with interchangeable microphones so you can fit the one that suits you best.

  • It covers a range about 1600 meters.
  • It has a 120 hours standby time.
  • It comes with full communication features.
  • It can be controlled via voice commands and is compatible with Siri and S voice.
  • It is sturdy and robust.
  • It offers excellent value for money.
  • It uses Bluetooth V3 instead of V4.
  • It can only pair with four other riders.


With the advancement of technology, one can easily find great gadgets to use even when riding a bike. One of them includes Bluetooth speakers, but it is up to the rider to ensure that the speakers they get are both safe and comfortable to use.

This can be accomplished by listing all the critical factors and checking that products include them. The best speakers can be researched on till you finally decide on which product best suits your needs; only get that one to avoid buyer’s remorse.