Best LED Headlight For Motorcycle 2022 – Reviews

Best Motorcycle LED HeadlightHaving the right headlight on your motorcycle can be really important when you’re riding out at night or on a poorly lit part of town.

The last thing you need is a dim halogen bulb to give out when you need it the most.

That’s why the right answer for you as a motorcyclist is to get a decent LED headlight.

There are many different options out there from different brands and product lines out there.

Naturally, the question on your mind will be which one is the best. You’ll be finding out just that below.

Here is the top 5 LED Headlight For Motorcycle 2022

Product Name VoltageWattageWeight
YEEGO DIRECT (Our pick)24 Volts40W.62 pounds
SEALIGHT (Runner-up)12 Volts30W1.87 pounds
ROCCS (Upgrade pick)12 Volts40W1.96 pounds
SKTYANTS12 Volts5W‎5.15 pounds
UNI-SHINE 30 Volts75W4.39 pounds

There are countless options out there for those looking to put LED headlights on their bikes.

But not all options will be suitable.

It’s up to you to look at all the available options and pick what will work best for you.

1. Yeego Direct 7″ LED Headlight 4.5 Fog Passing Lights

Yeego Direct 7″ LED Headlight 4.5 Fog Passing LightsYeego Direct isn’t a big-name motorcycle brand that you’d expect to get your motorcycle gear from.

However, they make LED lights for all kinds of purposes including interior lights for homes as well as vehicles.

They have gotten a significant amount of positive reviews online as well as good word of mouth which is a good indication of quality.

The Yeego Direct LED Headlights come in a three-headlight set style with one main headlamp and two side fog passing lights.

Although the Yeego is primarily designed with Harleys in mind it can fit in a bunch of different bikes like Yamahas, Royal Stars, and many others.

Chances are, if you have a bike with space for a 7” inch headlamp and 4.5” fog passing lights then this is the right headlight for you.

The headlight comes in a proper package with a headlight mounting bracket ring as well as an adapter.

Installation is fairly easy and you don’t have to spend too much time fiddling with things thanks to the built-in Canbus.

The performance for the Yeego Direct is immaculate with bright LED lighting and optional fog modes.

This headlight can provide 2000LM of intensity on a high beam while giving out 1500LM for a mid-beam.

This means that you can cruise the streets without blinding anyone while still having enough power to light up dark streets or dirt roads easily.

The Yeego Direct boasts a very durable design that makes it stand up to any kind of abuse you throw its way.

The headlamp housing is made out of die-cast aluminum while the headlight itself has a polycarbonate lens on it.

It has a ribbed design which makes it achieve proper cooling even under stressful conditions.

It’s also certified IP67 waterproof as well as rustproof and shockproof.

According to manufacturer details, this headlight has a workable lifespan of 50,000 hours.

Key Features:

  • Multiple lighting modes
  • 2000LM maximum light intensity
  • Certified IP67 protection
  • Die Cast Aluminum Construction
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Cheap headlight option for Harley-style bikes
  • Bright LED performance
  • Waterproof, Shockproof, and Rustproof
  • The mounting bracket screws don’t align properly on some bikes.
  • Installation instructions from the manufacturer aren’t as clear as they should be.

2. SEALIGHT 5-3/4 5.75 inches LED Headlight Complicate Motorcycle Headlamp

SEALIGHT 5-3 4 5.75 inches LED Headlight Complicate Motorcycle HeadlampSealight is a relatively recent brand with a decent following behind it.

They’ve been operating since 2016 and make all kinds of headlights and accessories for cars, bikes, and other vehicles.

The Sealight LED Complicate is a single headlamp-style design.

Inside the single headlamp, you can find an assortment of 9 pieces of LEDs powering it to provide brilliant LED lighting.

This headlight is compatible with most early and modern-day Harleys.

Support for other motorcycle brands is not assured and there’s not much information out there to know for sure.

Not much comes out of the box other than the Sealight headlight itself.

The main headlamp is sized at 5.75” and comes with an H4-sized plug.

This makes it easy to install if your bike supports it.

There’s not much complexity in electrical wiring and it’s basically plugged and play.

Performance-wise, Sealight has a lot to offer.

The headlamp provides brightness levels that easily trump any OEM bulbs that come with any bike.

The high beam for this headlamp has a 45W mode that provides 4000LM of light power.

If this ends up being too much for you, you can end up using the low beam which provides 2800LM at a 30W mode.

In terms of the design, the Sealight Complicate Motorcycle Headlamp doesn’t slack behind.

The lens is made of polycarbonate which makes it resistant to easily cracks, scratches, or any damage.

It makes for a nice upgrade over the standard PMMA material that is used in OEM headlamps.

The headlamp itself has been given proper protection and proofing from the elements.

It’s IP67 waterproof which makes it ideal to use rain, fog, and even snow without worrying about it getting damaged in any way.

Key Features:

  • 4000LM light intensity
  • 9 Pcs LED array
  • H4 Plug compatibility options
  • Certified IP67 protection
  • Compatible with almost all Harley models.
  • High brightness intensity.
  • Decent weatherproofing against fog, rain, and snow.
  • Easy installation with plug-and-play design.
  • Isn’t as compatible with other non-Harley bikes.
  • Some newer Harleys need modifications to fit this headlight.

3. ROCCS 5.75″ RGB HALO Angel Eyes Headlight

ROCCS 5.75″ RGB HALO Angel Eyes HeadlightROCCS isn’t as popular of a manufacturer when it comes to mainstream motorcycle brands.

However, they are popular in the aftermarket industry for their unique offerings.

Many enthusiast bikers have been known to prefer their products for modding purposes.

The ROCCS comes in a single 5.75” inch headlamp design.

Inside there are two bright LEDs arranged in a vertical angel eyes style.

This headlamp has wide compatibility with a lot of different bikes out there.

There is even a 7” inch option available for bikes that don’t support smaller headlamps.

Out of the box, you can find the ROCCS headlamp along with the headlamp plug and remote control.

The headlamp has a standard H4 plug which makes for easy installation.

However, you may need to wire an extra wire that is used to control the halo effect of the headlamp.

The ROCCS delivers great lighting performance to suit any occasion.

The 40W high beam mode delivers 3600LM of light intensity while the low beam mode provides 1800LM at 20W.

The headlight works fine as a normally led headlamp but aside from this it also features RGB functionality.

Using the included wireless remote, you can change the color of the headlight to suit your needs.

There are 15 different solid color modes along with strobing effects, fading effects, and color cycle modes.

Looking at the ROCCS RGV Halo’s design, you can tell that this headlight is built for some heavy action.

The headlight is made out of aluminum housing for its body while the light covering is of a PMMA material.

The headlight is designed with superior venting capabilities as well as a built-in fan to help prevent any significant heat buildup.

It’s also IP68 certified which gives it proper waterproofing and weather resistant capabilities.

Key Features:

  • White light and RGB lighting modes
  • 3600LM max lighting intensity
  • Certified IP68 protection
  • Aluminum design with fan and venting
  • The multitude of lighting options.
  • Great for modded bikes.
  • Unique angel eyes design.
  • Allows you to easily change colors with a wireless remote.
  • Integrated cooling options.
  • Low power mode for energy conservation.
  • Learning how to set up RGB can take some time.
  • Not all the color options come out great.
  • Lens material is made out of PMMA.

4. Skytants 7-inch Round LED Headlight

Skytants 7 inch Round LED HeadlightSkytants is one of the few manufacturers out there that make headlights specifically for motorcycles.

They have entire product lines dedicated to different kinds of bikes.

It’s safe to say that they know their motorcycle headlights well.

The Skytants 7-inch round LED headlight is decked out in a 4 LED bulb pattern.

Compatibility has been standardized here for most Harley bikes with a ring bracket.

There’s not much information out there for compatibility with other bikes.

The Sytants round LED headlight comes with the main headlight along with a standard H4 size plug and ring bracket for attachment.

Putting it on the bike isn’t too difficult but you may have to deal with adjusting the bracket on some models.

If your bike doesn’t support an H4 plug then the company also includes an H4/H13 adapter right out of the box.

The lighting performance on Skytants is fairly decent for what it does.

The four-piece LEDs provide an average luminosity of about 3600LM per piece.

There are low and high beam modes supported which helps you dim the lights if need be.

The headlight is made from a durable aluminum housing which helps it retain its toughness while being relatively lightweight.

It has an IP67 rating which means dust and water will stay out of the headlight most of the time.

And in the event that something does happen, the manufacturer’s one-year warranty helps cover most damages.

Key Features:

  • High beam, Low beam, and Soft lighting modes
  • 4 Pc LEDs with 3600LM average luminosity
  • Certified IP67 protection
  • Near universal compatibility with Harley bikes
  • Cheap and reliable.
  • Comes with an H4/H13 adapter.
  • Soft lighting mode to reduce fatigue.
  • Fits almost any bike.
  • H4 adapter prongs may be a bit short for some bikes.
  • The headlight won’t sit completely flush on some newer bikes.

5. Uni-Shine 7-Inch Led Angel Eyes Headlight

Uni-Shine 7 Inch Led Angel Eyes HeadlightUni-Shine makes lights for all kinds of vehicles including different types of bikes.

They have made a couple of different models for all kinds of uses.

The Uni Shine headlight features a single-round dome style with a unique design.

It has six LEDs arranged in two groups of threes that light on independently depending on the lighting mode you choose.

There isn’t much in the way of preventing compatibility but you have to do some DIY work to help put it on.

This means that you can put it on virtually any bike with the right mods and it can even fit on cars.

It comes out of the box with a headlight, a standard H4 plug, and an H4/H13 adapter.

This makes compatibility a breeze and all you have to do is plug and play to make the LED work.

The headlamp works on a high beam power of 60W to provide 5400LM of lighting intensity.

On the 30W low beam, you can get 2700LM of power to light up the streets.

The lights have a proper color temperature that doesn’t add to eye fatigue even while driving on the road for a long.

The Uni-Shine headlight is made of aluminum alloy to protect it against getting damaged from bumps and scrapes.

There’s IP67 protection to prevent dust or water damage.

The manufacturer provides a three-year free replacement warranty in case any of the LEDs inside the headlamp burn out.

Key Features:

  • Universal fit for any bike or car
  • 5400LM max lighting intensity
  • Certified IP67 protection
  • Aluminum housing design
  • Relatively cost-effective lighting solution.
  • Works great for both cars and bikes.
  • Soft lighting modes work well to prevent harsh light.
  • Decent protection against physical damage and waterproofing.
  • Three-year free replacement warranty.
  • Needs DIY work to fit properly.
  • Wiring can be a bit difficult for daylight mode.

How I Picked

In order to properly compile this list, I had to gather different resources to find the right products.

I started by looking at the best-reviewed headlights online.

Out of those, I handpicked the ones that seem to offer the most value or the best features.

I also read different reviews and opinions online and on biker forums to get a good idea of what to get.

By the end, I had shortlisted a few models that I could then use to test and put together a final list for.

How I Tested

Once I had all of my headlights shortlisted to a few basic options, I started to test them to make my top picks.

The testing process consisted of me putting all the headlights on my test bike to make sure they all worked and to find out what they offered.

Each headlight was tested for a few days to make sure that I gave each headlight enough time to evaluate its performance and value.

The headlights were used in everyday testing scenarios like daily commutes and long rides.

They were tested on both the city streets and unlit dirt roads to find out how they performed.

Weatherproofing was also tested by splashing water and dirt on them.

How to Choose the Best LED Headlight for your Motorcycle

Although there’s no definitive way to know for sure which headlight you will end up using, there are certain things to look out for.

I’m going to highlight a few aspects you should pay attention to when looking at motorcycle headlights.


Not all headlights perform the same when it comes to lighting power. You’ll find that headlight models vary in how powerful they can give you on the road.

This is something that’s usually measured in LM or Lumen.

You can find lumen units on most headlight specifications pages or boxes.

A higher lumen means that the light will much brighter and a lower lumen indicates that it will be dimmer.

Generally, anywhere from 2000-3000LM is considered a standard for brightness when it comes to LED headlamps.

You can choose to go for more if you need brighter lights.

Most headlamps will let you cycle between low and high beams depending on your needs and the situation on the road.


Headlights can be prone to damage from the elements so it’s important to get something that can stand up to them.

Most headlamps will come with an IP rating that indicates their weatherproofing certification.

The IP rating consists of two numbers that indicate how dustproof and waterproof the headlamp is with IP68 being the highest possible certification.


To get the headlight on your bike, you need to make sure that it will be compatible with your bike.

Most headlights that have a round shape are designed for use in Harleys but can fit other bikes as well.

In order to do this, you have to make sure you’re using the correct sized headlights that your bike supports.

At the same time, you have to make sure that it can actually fit with the connector that your bike has.

Generally, H4 plugs work for a lot of bikes but you may need an H13 adapter for some models.


Headlights are priced differently from various brands and each has its own level of quality for the price point.

If you have a budget to meet, then you should make sure that you’re getting as much value as you can for the price.

Take some time to compare different models in the same price range to see what a better deal is for you.