Best Motorcycle Rain Gear 2022 – Reviews Raincoats, Glove and Boot

Best Motorcycle Rain Gears

Wonder how bikers in advertisements manage to ride in the rain without getting soaked?

Many people think it is just a display to entice people to buy a bike.

However, the fact is that you can do that too.

You can splash into rain puddles and ride as it rains heavily without getting wet.

For that, you need rain gear which is made of waterproof material to keep you dry and warm as you travel to various locations or experiment with your adventurous side.

I have reviewed some of the best protective gear including raincoats and protective suits as well as gloves and boots so that you can construct your entire outfit.

You will also find a buying guide at the end, which will help you make an informed decision.

Product NameMaterialItem Weight
Joe Rocket Survivor (Our pick)6 PoundsPolyester
Scoyco RC01 (Upgrade pick)3.24 poundsPolyester
Viking Cycle (Runner-up)2.5 PoundsPolyester
Joe Rocket Wind6 PoundsLeather
PAlpinestars Gunner0.6 PoundsSynthetic

How I Picked

I picked out the products reviewed above by looking at some of their main features mentioned below. I especially considered the material of each product, its ability to keep water from seeping inside the gear, and the breathability of the material.

How I Tested

To test the products, I weighed the pros of each product against its cons. I used each item mentioned above separately and in conjunction with each other. I also tested each one for a week in the rain.

1. Joe Rocket Survivor Motorcycle Suit – Best Comfortable and Easy to Wear All DayJoe Rocket Survivor Motorcycle Suit

The Joe Rocket Survivor Motorcycle Suit is perfect for those who like to travel on a motorcycle. It is a very sophisticated riding gear and has many layers of fleece to keep you protected, though that makes it look a bit bulky. It has an inner liner that you can remove when you don’t need it.

Fabrics such as these make it suitable for hot weather when it is quite warm even when it is raining. There is also a spine pad included.

It is a product that will last for years because it is made of RockTex 600 shell along with CE-rated armor. Its zippers are heavy-duty and high quality. On the lower legs, the material is melt-resistant and will protect you from the hot pipes of the bike and will keep you safe from them.

The layers of fleece keep rainwater from entering the suit. Hence, the outer shell is waterproof. While the multiple layers do compromise breathability, you can remove the inner liner if you want to make the suit more ventilated, especially when you get all sweaty.

It is quite convenient to ride the bike wearing this gear as it is very comfortable. It allows you to move around easily. You can even have it custom fitted according to your body shape as it is adjustable. While its black color might make it a little less visible on a rainy day, it has a reflective logo and stripes to increase its visibility.

  • Keeps the rider warm.
  • Offers good value for money.
  • It has multiple straps, which makes it easy to fit into the body of the wearer.
  • It has a suit liner which can be removed.
  • The material on the legs is melt-resistant.
  • It is not fully waterproof.

2. Scoyco RC01 Motorcycle Rain Gear – Best For Harley DavidsonScoyco RC01 Motorcycle Rain Gear

The Scoyco RC01 is the two-piece protective gear that is available in a black and bright yellow color combination. It has been designed carefully to keep external elements at bay. Furthermore, this raincoat will last for years and will not wear down quickly.

It is made of polyester with a polyurethane coating that prevents water from seeping into the gear in case it rains heavily. Its style is very attractive. There are large pockets at the front, which are waterproof, so you can put your essentials in them without fearing that the rain might damage them.

There are straps that you can adjust to make the coat fit you. It also has an elastic waistband which enables riders to move freely as they drive. Thus, you will not feel restricted after wearing it. It also comes with adjustable sleeves with a Velcro strap. However, there is no hood to keep your head from getting wet on a rainy day.

Another feature worth mentioning is its 5000mm waterproof rating. As mentioned before, this is all thanks to the polyurethane coating.

As you ride your bike in turbulent weather, you can continue your journey without worrying about your safety. That’s due to its reflective stripes which increase your raincoat’s visibility to a great extent. Its bright color makes you visible even at night when it gets dark and distinguishing riders becomes difficult.

Before you purchase this coat, though, give due attention to the size to avoid any inconvenience later.

  • It can fit various body shapes because of its straps.
  • It is a comfortable and lightweight raincoat.
  • It has reflective colors which improve visibility in low light.
  • It offers a range of sizes.
  • It is a waterproof raincoat made from high-quality material.
  • It is crafted especially for men and does not suit most female riders.

3. Viking Cycle Motorcycle Rain Gear – Best Colourful Rain SuitViking Cycle Motorcycle Rain Gear

Another amazing riding gear on my list, the Viking Cycle Motorcycle Rain Gear is worth giving a shot at. It is a two-piece riding suit designed specifically for enthusiasts. It works well in different weather conditions.

The jacket has an elastic hem on the waist as well as on the cuffs. Hence, riding while wearing this suit will not be unbearable at all as you will be able to move conveniently and flexibly.

Even its pants are quite easy to put on. There is a zip at the bottom, which makes the pair cozy as it hugs you to fit your size. On top of that, there’s a heat shield at the calf region to protect your legs from the hot pipes of your bike.

Also, it comes with stirrups which you can remove if you want. They make it easy to wear boots with this rain gear.

Moreover, there are pockets everywhere for your convenience. They are inside the coat as well as outside it. You can store anything you want in these pockets. However, the outer pockets are not as waterproof as the inner ones, so it is best to put the essentials in the inner pockets alone.

In addition to that, it is crafted from 600D polyester with a polyurethane coating, which makes it a waterproof raincoat. As long as the coating is intact, it will be hard for water to get into it.

  • It is a waterproof gear made of 600D polyester with a polyurethane coating.
  • It is flexible and allows mobility as it comes with an elastic hem that lines the sleeves as well as the waist.
  • There is a heat shield at the calf, which protects your legs against the hot pipes of your motorcycle.
  • It is an affordable protective suit.
  • Its reflective stripes give you maximum visibility in unfavorable weather conditions.
  • It has a tight collar.

4. Joe Rocket Wind Chill Riding Gloves – Best Winter GloveJoe Rocket Wind Chill Riding Gloves

The Joe Rocket Wind Chill Riding Gloves are the first gloves on this list and have been included for a good reason. They are highly recommended by most buyers and have proved their worth time and time again.

On a motorcycle ride, accidents lurk at every corner. In case you meet such an accident and want to avoid impact, your first instinct is to protect yourself with your hands. That is the reason why you should always use gloves in addition to other protective gear.

These gloves are made up of several layers, enhancing the safety they provide. The first layer is made of cowhide, which protects you in case of a fall or skid. They are pre-curved to allow you to move your fingers freely. The inner lining is made of 100G Thinsulate, which makes these gloves really comfortable for everyday use.

To protect your hands from any serious damage, there are leather reinforcements as well as knuckle armors. They are dotted inside throughout the span of the gloves.

If you drive a bike, you would have noticed that your hands become numb as you ride for a long time because of the vibrations. To save your hands from going numb, the Joe Rocket Wind Chill Riding Gloves come with a gel palm, which makes the ride smooth for your hands at least.

The main downside of these gloves is that they are poor at keeping your hands moisture-free. They have layers for protection, which reduce the breathability of these gloves. Therefore, your hands can get a bit clammy as you ride your bike. Apart from that, this product is great at protecting your hands.

  • Gloves give maximum protection to your hands.
  • A gel palm prevents your hands from becoming numb.
  • Very comfortable to wear every day.
  • Have knuckle armors that protect the knuckles.
  • Have a hook to secure them to your wrist.
  • Are not very breathable and may make your hands sweaty during your ride.

5. Alpinestars Gunner Motorcycle Boots – Best Waterproof BootAlpinestars Gunner Motorcycle Boots

The Alpinestars Gunner Motorcycle Boots are made of synthetic material on the outside. On the front, you will find durable microfiber, which is built to last for a long time, while the rear has accordion flex zones.

These motorcycle boots are made to be comfortable for long rides, especially thanks to their shape. Your feet will not feel fatigued, and neither will you feel out of sorts on rough rides as the boots will keep you safe and comfy, regardless of the length of the journey.

These boots have an ergonomic design, which allows them to hug your feet and mold them according to the shape of your feet. However, they do not fit tightly and might come off in case of an impact, so make sure you buy exactly the right size.

They come with a side-wrapping style, which helps keep the ankles and feet safe as you hit the road. They also have a vulcanized compound sole, which increases their ability to withstand various conditions on the roads. It also allows the boots to stay dry and offer grip.

Another cool feature worth pointing out here is that there is a waterproof layer right between the upper construction and the lining of the boots, which keeps your feet dry at all time. Thus, if you are riding and find yourself in the middle of a downpour, your feet will not get soaked and make you uncomfortable.

Furthermore, the Gunner boots are CE certified, which guarantees safety. Now, you can hit the road with surety that your boots will keep your feet dry and safe and will not break down anytime soon.

  • Keep your feet warm and dry in different weather conditions.
  • The boots are waterproof.
  • They have an ergonomic design to give you the best comfort.
  • CE certified.
  • The vulcanized sole can withstand any road conditions.
  • They are not snug enough.

Buying Guide – Best Motorcycle Rain Gear 2022

To make you more confident in your choice of motorcycle rain gear, I have come up with a buying guide. It includes the features you must consider before you make your purchase.


The most important thing to look at is the construction of the gear. You need to look at both the material and durability of the protective gear. The most common materials used to make rain gear are nylon and polyester. These materials are breathable as well as durable.

An addition of a polyurethane coating will make the gear waterproof as well. Furthermore, like nylon and polyester, this coating is durable and breathable and will not have any negative effect on the gear.

Some items come with DWR (durable water repellant), while others have PVC. Although PVC is great at repelling water, it is not a breathable material.


It is quite obvious that the rain gear must be waterproof, but sometimes we overlook this feature. Always go with a gear that is waterproof if you want to use it in the rain. Like I have already mentioned, polyurethane coating is breathable and is the best material for waterproof gear.

Any gear with a waterproof liner is an excellent choice for this purpose. Also, look out for features such as storm flaps that cover zippers because they protect you against any seepage into the coat as you ride about on a rainy day. Furthermore, make sure the seams are properly sealed to prevent water from entering your coat.


As you ride your bike, it is a given that you will sweat. Whether you are driving on a hot, sunny day or in the rain, there will always be a buildup of moisture inside your gear. A breathable fabric ensures that there is enough air circulation to keep sweat at bay. If the product you choose is made of PVC, look for vents in areas such as the underarms to bolster circulation.


When buying protective gear, size matters a great deal. Pay close attention to the measurements of the gear. Do not buy something oversized, and neither go for one that is too tight. It has to be just perfect. Remember that you have to wear this gear every day, so it is your responsibility to make sure it does not become inconvenient.

It is a good practice to look for products with features that make the gear adjustable. It is advisable to go for items with straps and elastic waists and hems. With these, you will be able to adjust the gear according to your body shape and size. However, one important thing to keep in mind is that just because an item has adjustable features, it does not mean you can go for extremely large size.


This feature is more for your safety than for protection against rain. When it’s raining, it becomes difficult to distinguish various motor vehicles on the road. It is likely that people driving on the road might not be able to see you because of the weather.

To avoid any accidents, it is best that you wear reflective gear so that fellow drivers can easily spot you. You can also choose brightly colored items. Yellow and green garments are quite visible even in bad weather when visibility is poor. You can even go for something neon.

Concluding Note

Protective gear must give you the protection you buy them for. In this case, your protective gear must keep you dry and safe. I hope you found my buyer’s guide pretty informative and now feel confident that you can make your choice on your own.

If I had to make one recommendation, my number one choice would be the Joe Rocket Survivor Motorcycle Suit. It offers good value for money and keeps you warm as you ride on a chilly day. It is not fully waterproof, but the size is adjustable and you can move about easily. I would recommend it to anyone who drives when it is raining mildly or in the cold.