Best Motorcycle Boots For Women 2022 – Top 5 Picks

Bikes have often been seen as a sign of freedom and authority, which men have continued to use ever since the first bikes came into existence.

As the world progressed, things started to change, allowing more room for women to be able to carry out things that once were considered impossible.

Riding a bike was certainly a new zone, but with the right equipment and wardrobe, you should face no problem at all.

All you need are appropriate attire and a solid pair of motorcycle boots for women, and you should be riding the highway comfortably.

Here is The Reviews on Women’s Motorcycle Boots

Product NameProduct MaterialSole
Harley Davidson (Our pick)100% LeatherRubber
Ariat Fatbaby (Runner-up)100% SyntheticSynthetic
O'Neal (Upgrade pick)Synthetic leatherSynthetic
Dr. Martens LeonaSmooth leatherRubber
UGG Women's KeseyCow LeatherRubber

With well over thousands of products that are available across the internet and stores, there are a few measures that must be kept in mind when going out to try, buy and review the best product.

Ignoring any of them might bring out a false-positive result and spoil the overall experience of the merchandise.

How We Picked Them

It is humanly impossible to go through all of the products in a short span of time.

To make the process easier, the first thing to focus on was the ratings. Anything under 4 stars was automatically left out of the review process.

The rest were shortlisted, depending on the looks and features mentioned.

How We Tested Them

Through acquaintances, customer feedback, critic reviews and personal experiences, the boots were rated accordingly to see which companies successfully managed to fulfill the promise of quality and which ones failed.

Only the leading 5 were shortlisted to create this list.

1. Harley-Davidson – Best Womens Harley Davidson Motorcycle Boots (Editor Choose)

Harley-Davidson Women’s Tegan Ankle BootsMotorcyclists, whether men or women, are never considered as true enthusiasts if they do not know and respect the name of Harley-Davidson. A brand that has produced the finest motorcycles the world has ever seen, it has now introduced the finest motorcycle boots to complement and add to the entire occasion of riding your favorite motorcycle.

With Harley-Davidson, quality is expected to be 100% uncompromised. The Tegan Women’s Ankle Boots are no exception and offer the finest quality by a mile, which truly reflects the nature of Harley-Davidson. If you buy a pair of these boots, you will never regret once. That is how certain customers are regarding the Tegan Ankle Boots for women.

Main Features

The Harley-Davidson Women’s Tegan Ankle Boots offer phenomenal quality, exceptional finish and a perfect balance of comfort and style. The brand logo of Harley-Davidson alone is enough to excite the masses and allows you to become the center of attention right away. With an iconic strap styling and a metallic ring on the side, this pair of boots takes the game up a notch and will leave everyone in awe.

Wear these boots to parties, a gentle cruise down the highway or even when visiting your favorite bar, and you will surely be turning quite a few heads to admire your confidence and selection.

There are certain brand names that automatically instill a sense of greatness and make it harder for them to continue to deliver on their promising image. Harley-Davidson is exactly a case of that as it has a lot riding on its shoulder, and it had to ensure it delivered far above the expectations of the customers. With the Tegan Ankle Boots, Harley-Davidson has done a fine job of ensuring just that.

In all fairness, these boots are exceptionally comfortable despite their tough appearance, but one cannot help and notice the missing features such as the steel toe guard, which would have added more value to the entire product. All in all, this is the finest buy for women who seek to enhance their love of motorcycles and riding them.

  • Made of 100% premium leather.
  • Imported.
  • Full rubber sole that is far better at providing grip.
  • 5.5-inch shaft from the arch.
  • 1 ¾-inch heel to provide extra leverage.
  • 0.5-inch platform.
  • 9-inch boot opening.
  • Extremely comfortable for all-day purposes.
  • Do not come with a wide footbed – This might not be ideal for those with wider feet.
  • Do not offer steel toes.

2. Ariat Fatbaby Western – Best Women’s Lightweight Motorcycle Boots

Ariat Women’s Fatbaby Western BootsThe good old west was known for gunslingers, denim, and cowboy boots. The fashion of the time continues to remain in trend these days. For those who have a special place for the fashion of the west, Ariat Women’s Fatbaby Western Boots are the epitome of style, rugged dependability, and durability.

These boots bring fine leatherwork along with additional supporting features to make them one of the finest purchases for the women of today. Offering elegance, style, and safety, these boots are made using the best material to deliver quality that speaks to the people and makes their presence felt.

Main Features

The Ariat Women’s Fatbaby Western Boots deliver the finest sense of elegance and style in motorcycle boots, period. Their styling takes center stage on any given day and are sure to leave potential customers singing praises. Furthermore, there is an extremely large array of shades on offer, so you are sure to find something that suits your taste.

Even though the company is largely focusing on the style element to add to the personality of the woman who wears these boots, Ariat has ensured that other features are kept in mind as well. That is a winning formula that has been adopted and applied by almost all other competitors within this list and outside of it.

The Ariat Women’s Fatbaby Western Boots are phenomenal, to say the least. They offer a good proportion of qualities with special emphasis on styling and personality. With an immensely large number of variations and textures to choose from, you are sure to find your money’s worth.

These boots would have certainly been the finest of the lot had they been waterproof in nature. The shrinkage is rarely reported, but it is certainly a slight inconvenience to face. On the bright side, if these boots are taken care of properly, you should have nothing to worry about.

  • Well over 28 designs and color combinations to choose from – You are sure to find something that truly speaks of your personality and complements your style.
  • 100% genuine leather – No room for error at all.
  • A synthetic sole for grip.
  • There is an 8-inch shaft from the arch.
  • 8-inch boot opening.
  • Performance riding boots.
  • Outsole is designed to be oil- and slip-resistant.
  • Lightweight stabilizing shank for additional support.
  • The boots are not waterproof.
  • Exposure to excess water might cause shrinkage.
  • A tight ankle.

3. O’Neil – Best Motorcycle Riding Shoes

O’Neil Women’s Rider BootsThese are not your ordinary ankle boots, nor are they meant as a fashion statement. When you need to go for the finest of the lot in terms of protection, safety and quality, you cannot overlook the exceptional features that the O’Neil Women’s Rider Boots bring to the table. Not only do they look like they mean business, but they also live up to the expectations on almost every front.

The O’Neil Women’s Rider Boots are identifiable from far away courtesy of their design with a black and pink color combo, the numerous safety buckles and the plastic plates which shine out and speak volumes. For women who want to portray authority and a bit of adventure, these boots fit right in to provide an experience that they would find far beyond satisfactory.

Main Features

The O’Neil Women’s Rider Boots stand at a high place on this list, which makes them a serious competitor. Naturally, the expectations are equally as high as well. Fortunately, the boots deliver the finest take on women’s motorcycle boots by bringing a trendy and fashionable style to meet with extra safety.

These boots are brimming with safety features as they keep safety as the top priority. With numerous lockable buckles, supporting grip and metallic toe guards, these boots mean business and can withstand brutal punishment without giving up quite so easily as others tend to do.

When picking out the best motorcycle boots for women, it is a given that O’Neil Women’s Rider Boots would make a promising entry with their take on the boots. Offering both trendy looks and a variety of features, these boots are quickly becoming an icon for female motorcycle riders.

If you are looking for high-quality boots for yourself or as a present to someone you know, they would certainly make an impression and provide true satisfaction. In case the straps do break, they are easily replaceable and available for immediate delivery.

  • The metal shank insert reinforces the shape and provides additional support.
  • Injection-molded plastic plates provide protection against impact.
  • Extremely easy to operate.
  • 4 snap-lock and fully adjustable buckles.
  • Goodyear welt sole that is perfectly aligned for maximum stability.
  • Metal toe guard.
  • Air mesh interior.
  • The rear pull-tab provides extra leverage.
  • Not designed to withstand cold weather.
  • Straps tend to get damaged or break quicker than usual.
  • Only black and pink combination, so you do not have other colors to choose from.

4. Dr. Martens Leona Boots – Best Women’s Motorcycle Boots for Touring

Dr. Martens Leona BootsWomen truly know their fashion, and nothing says this louder and prouder than a fine pair of motorcycle boots that packs exquisite fashion and comfort. While there are hundreds of brands out there for women to choose from, Dr. Martens is a name that shines ever so brightly, and it has every reason to do so.

Offering comfort and luxurious style that is a class apart, Dr. Martens Leona Boots bring forth a rare dose of satisfaction, making these boots quite an experience every time you wear them. Known for their phenomenal design, high platform, and fine leatherwork, these boots are a true mark of a free-spirited woman, riding a motorcycle with both style and authority.

Main Features

Dr. Martens is a name that needs no introduction. For years, it has manufactured product after product, all going on to achieve fame. The Dr. Martens Leona Boots are no exception to that rule as they come with so many features. They do leave one in a very tough scenario of trying not to stare.

Of course, the fashionable design takes center stage, but what makes the boots even more amazing is the fact that the company did not let fashion dominate the safety aspects. Expect the same quality protection within the boots that women have grown to love over the years.

Dr. Martens has a long line of products that have greatly contributed to the overall image and reputation of the company. Ever since the inception of the company, Dr. Martens has been a hit with women for its durability and reliability, offering one-of-a-kind, quality pairs of boots. The Leona Boots certainly provide the much-needed balance between fashion and safety.

While the soles might not last as long if used roughly, a little care is all you will need to ensure you never get to encounter such issues and continue to enjoy your purchase for ages to come.

  • Available in two elegant shades of butterscotch and black.
  • Import quality.
  • Full rubber sole for maximum grip.
  • 1-inch thick sole.
  • Made with Vintage Smooth, a classic version of Dr. Martens’ finest leather, offering subtle grains and a contrasting base.
  • Uses the exceptionally comfortable Airwair air-cushioned sole.
  • The soles may not last as long as other Dr. Martens.
  • They weigh around 5.25 lbs., which might be a little heavy for some.

5. UGG Women’s Kesey – Best Waterproof Motorcycle Boots

UGG Women’s Kesey Motorcycle BootsNothing speaks better about the personality of a woman than her boots. For women who have a passion for riding motorcycles and maintaining a strong sense of fashion, the UGG Women’s Kesey Motorcycle Boots are perhaps a fine choice to start with.

Providing style with ruggedness and dependability, these boots pack quite a few features to ensure that every ride around the vicinity is both safe and elegant. The trendy design ensures that these boots complement the personality and justify their worth to the owner and onlookers.

Main Features

Selecting the main feature for a pair of boots that already has a lot to offer is somewhat difficult. In the case of the UGG Women’s Kesey Motorcycle Boots, there are quite a few features that stand out and sound promising, but one shines bright above all – its 100% waterproof nature.

Riding bikes means you are exposed to the weather and any puddles you might unintentionally ride over. These are a nightmare for other boots which may not have waterproof qualities. However, the UGG Kesey boots ensure you never have to worry about rain or terrains ever again. This is all made possible by the 100% waterproof, full-grain leather and wool that have been used to create this exceptional product.

The UGG Women’s Kesey lineup is one of the finest ones available in the market. Serving a perfect balance of safety and style, these boots promise to be a great fit for all weather, wet or dry. Add to that the fact that they come in a great range of sizes, and you are sure to find one that fits perfectly well and gets the job done.

While the high maintenance might be a slight downside, it is still worth considering and should provide exceptional value for money.

  • Import quality.
  • The boot opening is approximately 10 inches, making it a lot easier to wear.
  • Rubber sole for the ultimate grip.
  • The shaft measures an approximate value of 7 inches from the arch.
  • 0.5-inch platform.
  • 7mm curly UGGpure wool is used to line the shaft, tongue, and insole.
  • Perfect for cold weather.
  • The boots require high maintenance and care such as polish and buffing.
  • They might be a bit heavy for some customers.
  • Might not be perfect for the warm weather.

The Buying Guide – What Needs to Be Considered

Best Motorcycle Boots For Women

Design vs Safety

You need to choose a pair of boots that offer an immaculate balance between the two aspects. While safety must always be top priority, you also need to take the design into account. You wouldn’t want to look shabby on your trips, would you?


The boots must be able to last for a very long period of time and be dependable and durable in nature. While they may require extra care, they will continue to perform flawlessly for a long time.

Weather Conditions

Motorcycle boots are likely to be exposed to harsh environments, so you need to pick one that can fare well. Some do rather well in cold environments, while others do a good job on warmer days. Choose one according to the kind of weather you usually ride in.


There is no denying that women’s boots are one true statement of fashion, authority and power. Riding motorcycles without them lead to many risks and might not gel well with the overall charm of the occasion. Opting to choose any one of the products listed above would give you value for money.

While all of these boots are extremely good, the Harley-Davidson Women’s Tegan Ankle Boots certainly stand a class apart with their phenomenal ruggedness yet exceptional comfort that they bring to the users.