How to Carry an Extra Helmet on a Motorcycle

How to Carry an Extra Helmet on a Motorcycle

Wearing a helmet is a safety precaution that motorists should adhere to. Well, I don’t know if you have ever given a ride to a friend and you realize you didn’t carry an extra helmet. Such situations happen because some people are not aware of how to carry an extra helmet. It is important to know some of the ways on how to carry an extra helmet on a motorcycle so that you might not find yourself in an awkward situation. Read on and find out.

Strap it on the backrest

If your Motorbike has a backrest then you are good to carry an extra helmet. You can use the backrest to strap your helmet. Just use a rubber strap to secure it on the back. You may realize that the stability of the helmet is compromised because keeps moving sideways as you ride your bike. Therefore, it is important to use a bungee cord and tie it to the backrest post for it to stay firm. By doing that you will comfortably carry around an extra helmet.

Hook the helmet under the passenger seat

Most motorbikes have hooks on the passenger seat. You probably didn’t know the use of such a hook that is why you find it hard to carry around an extra helmet. Well, there are a couple of ways in which the hook can be used but the most appropriate one is using it to carry an extra helmet. All you need to do is to hook the D-ring of your helmet on the hook to get it rested on the side then you secure the seat. However, if the helmet is dangling it can scratch your bike. Therefore, you can place a piece of cloth underneath. If you are riding Solo then this is a better option.

Use a cargo net

A cargo net is typically a special type of net that is elastic and it has hooks along its hedges. It comes in different designs and sizes that will accommodate your helmet. It is easy to use.So, Start by setting the helmet on the pillion seat after which you will throw the cargo net over it and secure the helmet onto the Motorbike. It is advisable to go for a smaller net with smaller weave because it tightly holds the helmet onto the bike. The strings should also be placed evenly so that the helmet doesn’t slip out.

Alternatively, a modified cargo net would be much better because hooks on the cargo net can sometimes lead to scratches which might leave some patches on your Motorbike. Therefore, you might choose to remove the hooks from the cargo net, then Remove the seat, hook one side on the rear and secure the passenger seat. Afterward, stretch the net to cover the helmet and hook the sides of the net under tail subframes spools or areas around the rear footpeg.It might be challenging to find such a point but that varies from one Motorbike to another. If your Motorbike is fully equipped you might not have a challenge in using such a modified cargo net. It is more efficient when it comes to holding the helmet onto its positions it will prevent scratching on the bike.

Strap to Grab bar

You can also use a strap to attach your helmet if your bike has handholds or rear grab bars. The most important thing is to ensure you tighten the helmet to prevent it from dangling when the bike is in motion. Additionally, when the helmet is not well secured and it rests on the Motorbike body then you are at risk of scratching the bike’s paint with the helmet which might cost you money trying to fix the problem. Therefore,let your helmet be tightened onto a specific place that it doesn’t hang or come any closer to the body or exhaust pipe.

Use Tail bag

A hard shell top case or a tail bag is ideal in carrying an extra helmet. If you have used it before you will also realize it can be a very comfortable backrest especially when you are carrying a passenger. Use it to store your full-face helmet besides a hard shell enhances the security.


If you have a saddlebag with ample space then you don’t have any reason not to carry an extra helmet because this is among the easiest options that you have. These bags come in various modifications which include canvas saddlebags,leather, hard panniers. The most important thing is to ensure it has adequate space.

Oxford Lidlash Helmet bag

This is an oxford product which can also be used to carry an extra helmet. It has straps that can fit under the rear seat. So you just place your helmet inside the bag and secure it on top of the passenger’s seat. If you want to order one visit oxford website and you will find a variety of options and other Motorbike accessories and outdoor devices.


This also another viable option of carrying an extra helmet. If you are lucky to have an equipped Motorbike that has a special pocket to carry a helmet then you are okay. Besides, backpacks can also be used because today’s helmets are not bulky so it will not be cumbersome when carrying it around.

Carry it on your arm

This is also another good option that people usually neglect especially if they don’t have any other means to carry their helmet. You need to slide the helmet till it reaches your Elbow and hook up the chin. However, you can only do so for short distances. Additionally, ensure you are not riding in high traffic places because If you get knocked down you might have serious injuries. Let it be the last option because it is not a safer method to carry the helmet.

Elastic helmet strap

This strap largely resembles cargo net but the only difference is that it has two hooks. Secure the strap using the hooks and use its four straps to tighten your helmet depending on your style.

Helmet carrier strap

This is a nylon strap with Two D-rings. You will lay it across the bike after removing the rear seat. Then you can now place the helmet on the seat and tighten it by using the two D-rings.


The options that I have provided in this article are the best you can have. All you need to do is to give it a try. Don’t run out of options because I got your back.