How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Motorcycle

How Much Does It Cost To Paint Motorcycle
One of the great feelings in owning a motorcycle apart from regular riding is customizing it to suit your taste and style.

The best way to customize your motorcycle is having its color changed to give you a preferred look.

Painting your motorcycle is also of great importance apart from just making it look good for you.

It helps take great care of minor dents since the painting process involves the application of fillers to bring alignments and surface uniformity before paint application.

It also helps take care of rust as the old paint scrubs off.

Painting your motorbike can be done by a specialist but if you are one of the paint enthusiasts, you can still do it yourself to save some costs and also improve your painting skills.

This article is going to provide you with helpful information on the cost of motorcycle regular painting cost, cost when you do it yourself and how to do it.

How much does a motorcycle painting cost?

This is a question that many motorists ask frequently before they set aside part of their savings for this service.

Some things that it is very expensive but may later find that it is a pocket-friendly amount ad you are ready to ride around with the customized motorcycle of your own.

The cost of painting your motorcycle will vary depending on the choice of mode of painting.

There are several modes of painting e ranging from a professional way to DIY, with a different cost.

Professional custom painting

Regular motorcycle paint job
The professional custom painting is quite an expensive way though it is a perfect way to do your customized painting job for your motorcycle.

Since it involves all kinds of paint customization to all parts including saddlebags, side covers, oil tank among other parts.

The actual cost for this type of painting specifically ranges from $900 to $2200.

It is more expensive as compared to factory paint jobs since it involves the restoration of some areas and custom paints that may be quite expensive.

Regular paint jobs

Professional custom painting
Standard motorcycle paintings vary from one location to another.

The location at which you regularly paint your bike in your local location may have you pay relatively cheaper compared to another strange service center.

Also, the amount of work to be done on your motorcycle during the restoration process will determine the charges.

Normally the regular paint jobs range from $300 to $1600 depending on the condition and any additional task added to the paint job. Standard painting is preferred especially when you are not confident in a DIY job and you want someone to do it for you instead.

Hiring someone to do your standard painting may cost up to a minimum of $300, which is pocket-friendly to the owner.

Before engaging in regular paint job it is important to look at the initial preparation work these are some activities such as smothering the service by sanding or filler application during the process of fixing minor.

These are initial services that you can decide to be done before paint or ignored depending on your choice.

DIY paint Job – Cost $50

This is the easy way to do a painting to your bike especially when you are tight on budget.

It is also an interesting way for those who do painting jobs as hobbies since it is an additional platform to practice what they enjoy doing most and add more skills in painting jobs.

There are so many video tutorials on YouTube on how to do your painting job at home.

The best you can do before having any step done is to watch and understand how to DIY painting before assembling any tool for the painting job.

You will find that you can do a perfect paint job even better than other painting artisans.

The DIY painting job can cost up to $100 depending on the paints you use. The important factors that contribute to ease of work during DIY are having your equipment.

This may help you earn some cash through doing the painting for others who may require the same service.

Preparation for bike self-painting

Preparation for bike self-painting
Painting your bike requires you to set aside substantial space where you can do your painting without any obstruction or without messing with other structures.

Painting jobs should be done in a well-ventilated room with oscillating fans to prevent fumes accumulation that may be harmful to your health.

You can remove any major parts such as side cover and fuel tank to be worked on independently aside, and make sure that all nuts are saved and labeled.

Using a power sander or block sander, sand down the old paint and make the service smooth for the next painting job.

Use sanding equipment of different grits during sanding to bring out smooth service.

Once done sanding, wipe the surface to remove the dust so you have a surface to paint.

Apply fillers to fill out the dent on the surface and then sand again to make a uniform and smooth service for the application of paint.

Paint application

Paint application does not mean applying the final paint to the sanded canvas, but we need to follow the painting procedure that starts with the application of paint undercoats that is a two-layer coat of epoxy primers.

This helps to prevent the paint corrosion by rusting in the long run and also help in shielding the metal from moisture.

After the application of these primers, sand the surface again by using wet and dry sanding material of 2000 grit after with the paint can now be mixed at a proper proportion with more tin then applied to the sanded area.

The application of the actual paint requires you to properly hold the spray gun in a required manner so that it brings out a perfect color coat.

The final step is the application of the clear coat so that it seals the paint and gives a shiny service after painting.

What is the most preferable way?

There is a very big price difference between DIY, standard and custom paint job.

If you are operating on a budget, DIY is the best way since it is a pocket-friendly way of painting your motorbike as compared to the custom of standard way.

The DIY way helps you save some dollars and in the end you enjoy your satisfying service.