How to Make a Motorcycle Helmet Fit Better

learn to Make a Motorcycle Helmet Fit Better

Safety gear should be among the top priorities before you cruise your motorbike on the road.

Most people often overlook the importance of having a helmet on the head but it is a very sensitive issue that should be brought on board.

Well, with numerous types and sizes of helmets available I am convinced that it can be tedious to choose the one that can perfectly fit your head.

It is important to understand that the shape of your head differs from that of your friend. You could be having an oval head while the other person is having an intermediate oval.

This implies that you need to be very particular when choosing a motorcycle helmet.

However, I did some research and realized when accidents occur bikers who had loose helmets on their heads have fewer chances of making out alive.

As I looked at it analytically, I realized the helmets pulled off and there was no gear to counter the impact.

That is why it is important to have a helmet that fits perfectly on your head.

If you are looking forward to buying a new helmet or you are asking yourself why your helmet doesn’t fit correctly then you are in the right place.

In this video, You will learn how you can make your helmet fit better. Read on and find out.

Ensure the cheek pads are in good condition

Motorbike helmet has its accessories that you should know. Among the most important ones is the cheek pads.

These pads are meant to tightly fit on the checks to ensure the helmet fits comfortably.

However, you might have realized after wearing your helmet for long, the cheek pads may wear out due to friction and the conditions which it is subjected to.

Normally, the cheek pads are usually made of soft material to ensure the user feels comfortable.

Therefore, before you opt to purchase a new helmet it is important to check if the pads are still in good condition.

Pads should press tightly but comfortably on your Cheeks.

Ensure the helmet is of the right size

Measure your head to Make a Motorcycle Helmet Fit Better
Most people fail to buy the right helmet because they ignore the sizes. I understand you might want to look stylish in your new helmet but ensure you choose the right size.

Before long, you will realize size matters when the helmet dangles from side to side. So what should you do? The best option is to ensure your helmet fits snugly on your head. It should not move sideways.

Additionally, if you want your helmet to fit well, you can use sizing pads.

When buying the helmet you can ask for measurement of your head to be taken so that you can have the right helmet. A helmet that is too loose can be noisy and dangerous.

Therefore, when sizing your helmet you might require tailors tape measure by wrapping around the head slightly above the eyebrows. After you have taken the measurements compare it with the size chart to get your desired helmet.

Check on the helmet position

Check on the helmet position
Well, it can be frustrating to have the right size and style but the helmet is not fitting well right? Here is another possibility why your helmet is loose on your head.

You should check on how the helmet is positioned on your head.

If the helmet is fitted in the wrong position it will start moving sideways especially when you are riding the motorbike because of the impact of fast winds.

Therefore, the big question is which is the right position to wear your helmet.

You should always ensure the helmet is fitted low on your forehead. There should only be less than two finger-widths above your eyebrows.

This position is to ensure you are not obstructed from seeing the road. When positioning your helmet, look upwards to ensure you see the front rim of your motorbikes helmet.

Use side straps

Side straps are very useful when making your helmet to fit better. These straps ensure that the helmet fits well. The right and the left straps should form a Y-shape and meet right below your ear.

The side straps are easy to adjust. All you need to do is to roll the rubber band as much as possible until you feel comfortable.

When doing this, ensure the helmet is on the head. Additionally, ensure the straps are not obstructing the ears so that you feel uncomfortable. As much as you want to make your helmet fit better you should also consider your comfort.

Buckle the chin strap

Buckle the chin strap
Chinstrap is equally important in making your helmet to fit better. Pass a finger to ensure no more than one finger can fit under the chin. Resize it well to ensure that you are also comfortable.

The chin strap works hand in hand with the side strap to ensure the helmet fits well on the head.

With the chin strap buckled, open your mouth wide open and check if the helmet is pressing against the top of your head.

If not, tighten a little bit and repeat the same. Ensure you don’t over- tighten it because it should be comfortable.

The good thing with modern straps is that they are made with absorbent materials that will not hold sweat beneath the skin. Even when you are riding on the hot sun your comfort is guaranteed.


The primary function of the helmet is safety. It should prevent you from injuries in case an accident occurs.

Therefore, the helmet should be fitted well before you start riding your motorbike. The helmet shell is also meant to protect your head and neck.

The lining of the helmet is made from polystyrene foam which dissipates impact forces.

Finally, apart from the helmet ensure you adhere to overall sad by having the right gear.

Anytime you notice your helmet is getting old don’t hesitate to replace it because safety comes first.

The tips that I have provided will help in solving the problems related to a loose-fitting helmet.