How to Make Motorcycle Exhaust Sound Deeper

How to Make Motorcycle Exhaust Sound Deeper
Motorists or motorcycle enthusiasts feel great when the environment around them when riding is satisfying. Sound is one of the great things that motorists consider as additional riding pleasure.

There are so many reasons why people tend to change their exhaust system.

This is done depending on the type of bike your ride, or the type of exhaust you install and sound you are comfortable with.

Anyone can change the type of sound of their choice apart from the initial one from the manufacturer, by simply altering or modifying the exhaust system.

You will find that a little alteration of the exhaust system can transform a small motorcycle to sound like a fire breathing monster, and that is why you find most motorists prefer aftermarket exhaust adds.

Some bikes come with noisy exhausts and maybe you prefer just deep but no louder sound, and this is what we are going to look at in this article.

There are other some change the exhaust system e.g the OE manufacturer was on a budget, maybe because they were not able to produce a motorbike with a standard exhaust system at the price you were able to purchase with, and so they preferred a simple way of just mounting a simple design rather than the best design.

Also, The need to care for the environment around can make one choose to modify the motorbike loud sound to be friendly and quality.

But How do we go about all this?

Get a muffler. The muffler is part of a motorcycle exhaust system, also referred to as a slip-on or bolt system.

It is a system that is only mounted on the back end of the exhaust system, and it is done by retaining the factory head pipe and just replacing the end “muffler”.

There are several types of exhaust system muffler as seen below.

Stock Muffler.

Stock Muffler
Stock mufflers have a very unique and nice sound that suits everyone.

This muffler can be further be modified according to your preferences and personalities, but if you just require a cool powerful sound, you can just install it the way it is since it produces the deep cool sound that resembles the original one.

Note: it is important to keep the original muffler after installation of the new one. Since motorcycle inspection requires its original parts.

Performance Mufflers.

moto Performance Mufflers
Some of the mufflers different from companies are customized to complement the original ones.

These mufflers offer better sounds as compared to the original ones, and also they are modified to produce better and quality sound as compared to the self-made mufflers.

These customized mufflers are made to offer top performance and give quality deep sound, but when we think of self-satisfaction, self-made muffler tends to give the owner a sense of self-satisfaction than the customized one.

Self-made Muffler.

Self-made Muffler
Having your self-customized muffler gives you more confidence as you ride your motorbike around.

It is very easy to modify your muffler if you have all the required materials with you. Getting material also, is very possible and easy if you have ever deal with online shopping.

You can get a used muffler that will suit your modification, from online shops such as eBay.

Selecting a second-hand muffler, you must ensure that it is compatible with the original one.

You can find some cheap used mufflers online that can fit your original factory head pipe. Make sure that you consider the properties of the muffler you buy.

Consider any capability to accommodate any alteration possible, that can enable you to bring out the best deep sound of your choice.

Motorcycle exhaust sound depends on so many factors, each factor yields its unique sound.

The tone depends on the factors such as the diameter of the muffler, length and the material used in the pipe used to make the muffler.

The other factor is engine displacement. Permanent modification may alter the process of finding the quality deep sound when engine displacement is put into consideration.

The moderate modification that involves putting into consideration the manufacturer’s measure will help you meet the best results in your modification.

The modification process is now the final and very crucial stage that you need to use the basic knowledge you have about sound modification.

If you are not competent enough, you can watch this video below:

The above video can illustrate step by step on how to self-modify your mufflers for the best deep sound, but you can choose the procedure as follows:

Drill out the existing rivets to detach the existing end piece.

Measure the size of the modified muffler, locate and mark where to cut from the original one from the pipe.

After the cutting, remount the end piece with the modified one and ensure that it fits with the head pipe.

that you use the completely large muffler chamber with no internal walls, this is preferred since it gives loud deep no distinct bangs from the stroke.

During the installation process, ensure that everything is in place. Fix your modified muffler tightly to the end pipe and ensure it is completely sealed and nothing leaks out of the main pipe.

Then you can now test your output sound and you will find that it delivers the best that can meet your satisfaction.

Another simple way of achieving deeper sound is removing the baffles.

This is another simple method if your motorcycle came with a standard exhaust system and you are very convinced with this method.

During the modification process, you follow the steps below.

Step 1.

On your exhaust pipe, locate a small nut 10 inches from the end of the tail of the exhaust pipe that holds the baffle and the pipe in place.

Step 2.

Using a wrench, remove the nut that restrains the baffle and push the bolt upwards.

Step 3

Remove the baffle by placing the flat screwdriver at its end and push it back to detach from the pipe.

After this step, make sure that you keep saving the original muffler in case of an inspection.

Step 4

Reinstall back the new muffler and it baffles. And you are ready to go.