Best Motorcycle Hitch Carriers 2022 – Reviews and Buyers Guide

Best Motorcycle Hitch Carriers
Transporting a vehicle can be quite cumbersome but not if you have the right gear.

Motorcycle hitch carriers make your job of moving heavy bikes and scooters from one place to another easy.

Just load your bike on one and hitch it to your truck or any other vehicle that supports the weight of your motorbike, and you are good to go.

How I Picked the Products

I picked out the best motorcycle hitch carriers from a list of products by looking at some of the main features listed in this buying guide. I looked at the construction, coating in the case of steel carriers, maximum weight capacity, and ease with which I could load my bike on them. All these factors helped me pick out the best motorcycle hitch carriers.

How I Tested Them

I tested the carriers by loading different cargos with different weights and hauling them an hour away. I noted their performance and weighed their pros against their cons. The products qualified to be on my list are only those which could get the job done and didn’t have any major flaws.

If you are in a hurry, here is your quick list

Product NameDimensionsWeightCapacity
SKY1375 (Our pick)76 x 7 x 1 inches51 Pounds500 Pounds
Goplus 600 (Runner-up)79 x 12 x 4 inches98 Pounds1322 Pounds
TMS 500 (Upgrade pick)76 x 20 x 2.5 inches48 Pounds500 Pounds
MCC-60079 x 7.75 x 10 inches 98 Pounds 600 Pounds
Direct Aftermarket 500 LB76 x 5 x 2 inches48 Pounds 500 Pounds

Top 5 Motorcycle Hitch Carriers 2022 – Full Reviews

I have reviewed some of the best motorcycle hitch carriers, so without wasting any time, let’s look at them one by one.

1. Best Choice Products SKY1375 – (Editor’s Choice)Best Choice Products SKY1375

Out of all its remarkable features, what made my final decision about putting the best choice product Sky1375 at the top of this list is that it does not cost much.

In fact, it might even be the cheapest hitch carrier in the market right now.

It’s also very easy to install.

Since the instructions of its installation are straightforward, you will not have to do a lot of guesswork to make it functional.

All you will need to do is to take out the eight bolts and a nut that come with it and start fixing it.

Though all the essential nuts and bolts are already in its package, you will have to buy a hitch pin separately.

Apart from the effortless installation, another good thing about this product is that it is easy to load the bike.

Here, I should specify its dimensions which will give you a clear idea about the measurements of this product.

The carrier is 76 inches long, while the ramp is 38.5 inches long and the hitch tube is 18 inches long.

You can mount your bike on either side of the hitch carrier.

In addition to that, this carrier has a solid construction.

It will last a long time without wearing down.

The anti-tilt provided with it prevents it from wobbling.

  • It comes with anti-tilt locking that keeps it firmly in place.
  • It is strong and durable as it has a heavy-duty steel construction.
  • It is an affordable unit that will not be a drain on your pocket.
  • It comes with a ramp and you can load your bike on either side of this ramp.
  • You can install this device easily.
  • The hitch pin is not included in the package.

2. Goplus 600 Lbs. Motorcycle CarrierGoplus 600 Lbs. Motorcycle Carrier

If you have a large bike such as a dirt bike, the Goplus Motorcycle Carrier will be a sound choice.

It has a heavy-duty steel construction which makes it ideal for transporting heavy cargo since its maximum carrying capacity is 600 lbs.

Its steel construction also gives it great toughness and strength.

In addition to that, it is coated with powder to protect it from many different processes such as corrosion.

Even if you are going out on a day when the weather is quite rough, you can put the thought of your bike corroding aside and focus on driving your bike.

Though it is a bit on the pricey side, considering the features it offers such as sturdy steel construction and a weight capacity of up to 600 pounds, it is worth every penny you spend on it.

It is a wise investment since it can support really heavy bikes and is built to last for a long time.

If you have a 2-inch receiver, you are good to go. You can install the carrier easily.

Since it comes with a hitch pin and a tail that is 79 inches long, installation won’t be a tough job.

Included in its package is an adjustable wheel stop as well, which helps stabilize the wheel chock.

Unlike the SKY1375, it is not easy to assemble.

You will have to figure out what goes where as you assemble it because its instructions are not too clear.

However, you only have to assemble it only once, and is not something you will be doing every day, so this is not something that will bother you on a daily basis.

  • Has a maximum weight capacity of 600 lbs.
  • Has a long offloading ramp.
  • It comes with a strong steel construction.
  • The powder coating prevents corrosion.
  • Has two quick-release locks which keep the bike secure.
  • It is quite heavy.

3. TMS T-NS-MRC001 Motorcycle Hitch Carrier TMS T-NS-MRC001 Motorcycle Hitch Carrier

The TMS T-NS-MRC001 Motorcycle Hitch Carrier is a uniquely designed product that can bear the load of a 500-pound motorcycle.

Just like the Goplus, it is built with heavy-duty steel which makes it a robust carrier that will last a long time.

Another feature that makes it a durable unit is that it is powder coated.

This keeps it protected from wearing away as you use it or getting chipped when loading and unloading the bike.

You will not have to worry about its color fading away either.

You can use its receiver for a number of trailer hitches.

It is compatible with trailer hitches of class II, III, IV, and V. It can support various types of bikes such as dirt bikes, motocross bikes and sports bikes.

It is very bothersome when the carrier wobbles, so to avoid that, this product has an anti-tilt lock.

You are given space to tie down the carrier on both sides of the track to make your bike more secure.

However, as the anti-tilt lock is not permanently attached, you will have to line it up each time you install it.

Given that it will not blow a hole in your wallet, that will not be much of a problem.

This product comes at a reasonable price and you get some really cool features out of it.

That’s what makes it a product with good value for money.

  • It is made up of heavy-duty steel and lasts a long time.
  • It is an anti-tilt locking device that stays put without shaking from side to side.
  • You can fit a two-inch receiver for trailer hitches of class II, III, IV, and V.
  • It has a hauling capacity of up to 500 pounds.
  • It offers good value for money.
  • It is a little heavy.

4. Black Widow MCC-600 Motorcycle Carrier Black Widow MCC-600 Motorcycle Carrier

Black Widow is a notable name in the world of motorcycles. Its carrier, the Black Widow MCC-600, is no less popular.

It has a weight capacity of 600 lbs. which is quite rare.

This allows you to mount heavy bikes onto it without worrying about them breaking down.

If you own some really heavy bikes, this carrier is your product.

As it is made of steel, its construction is sturdy, making it last for many years.

Though the steel construction makes it heavy, it protects it from several different outdoor elements, so the weight is a justifiable trade-off.

The steel is quite durable, but that also means you will have to pay more bucks for the feature.

It also has a powder-coated finish without which the steel would be vulnerable to wear and tear.

The finish protects this carrier from rough weather conditions and increases its durability.

Since all the instructions are clearly mentioned, it is easy to install.

The ramp slides to allow you to load the bike, and you can easily store it under the hitch carrier.

You can remove the loading ramp should the need arise.

To save you from unnecessary guesswork, accessories such as bolts that are needed for installation are provided in the package.

It weighs 44 pounds but is not too heavy when compared to other steel carriers.

Its weight is comparable to that of aluminum models.

Apart from that, it comes with a 7-point wheel clock which you can adjust to suit your needs.

There’s also a tie-down point that secures your motorbike.

  • The loading ramp is removable, so you can take it off if you need to.
  • It has a maximum weight capacity of 600 pounds.
  • It has a steel construction which is lightweight as compared to other carriers that have a heavy-duty steel construction.
  • It has a 7-point wheel clock which is adjustable.
  • It is powder coated and you can use it in different weather conditions.
  • It is an expensive unit.

5. Direct Aftermarket Steel Motorcycle Hitch CarrierDirect Aftermarket Steel Motorcycle Hitch Carrier

This hitch carrier by Direct Aftermath gives a great weight capacity. You can haul a motorbike weighing up to 500 pounds.

What makes it stand out is that you can haul a number of different types of cargo.

Sports bikes, scooters, dirt bikes, and street bikes are some of the vehicles you can transport with it.

Like some of the carriers mentioned above, this one also has a steel construction.

Such a construction makes the carrier robust and durable.

Hence, it will offer you its services for many years.

It is wise to invest in a unit that will not fall apart or break down anytime soon.

One cool feature which is rare in any other motorbike carrier but is present in this product is that it is powder coated with epoxy resin.

This protects it from different weather conditions.

The coating is also resistant to water, which means you will not have to worry about problems like rusting and it will survive even in damp conditions.

You can also assemble it quite easily.

There will not be any head scratching as you take it out of its pack to fix it.

Plus, you can load your bike easily on it.

Therefore, both assembling this carrier and loading your bike on it are fairly easy tasks.

On the downside, its anti-tilt lock does not work properly and the ramp is somewhat short.

However, the features you get out of it at the shockingly low price make it worth your money.

  • Has a sturdy steel construction which makes it a unit that is built to last.
  • It is resistant to rust.
  • You can assemble it and load your bike on it easily.
  • Its loading ramp can be attached from both sides.
  • Offers good value for money.
  • Its anti-tilt lock does not work properly.

Buying Guide – Best Motorcycle Hitch Carriers 2022

Motorcycle Hitch Carriers

There are a few factors that you need to look at before you decide to buy a hitch carrier for your bike.

Below, I have jotted down some of the points which you must keep in mind before making a purchase.

Maximum Weight Capacity

The first thing I look for before I buy a carrier is its weight capacity. Generally, carriers can transport between 400 and 600 pounds.

Don’t go for a product whose maximum weight capacity is roughly equal to the weight of your bike.

Leave room for some extra weight like for your fuel.

Aluminum or Powder-Coated Steel Construction

The best carriers are the ones made out of steel or aluminum.

Of the two, aluminum is lighter, while steel carriers tend to be heavier.

On the other hand, carriers made of aluminum do not need any coating for protection, whereas steel carriers do need an extra layer of coating to protect them against corrosion and rust.

The ones made out of steel are also a bit expensive, but they work well for heavier bikes. They are also more rigid.

The aluminum ones are better choices for lightweight bikes and aren’t as expensive as steel hitch carriers.

Hitch Receiver

The carriers on my list all work with the standard 2” hitch receiver, which is the most common receiver used for trucks, vans, SUVs, and RVs.

However, I still suggest that you check the size of the hitch receiver for your vehicle in order to make the right decision, saving you precious time and making the process hassle-free.

Hitch Strength

Different vehicles have hitches that have different strengths, which refer to the weight they can withstand before malfunctioning.

I advise you to check your vehicle’s maximum hitch weight and make sure that the combined weight of the motorbike and the carrier is below this limit, ensuring the safety of yourself and your bike.


Before you buy the carrier, check that the item you have selected has enough space to accommodate your bike.

Measure the length and width of your bike’s tires to ensure they will not hang over or wobble in the carrier and that the tires fit the channel.

Ramp Length

Carriers on my list have a whole range of ramp lengths.

It is recommended that you buy a carrier with the longest ramp to reduce the slope of the ramp to load your bike or else you will be gritting your teeth while getting the motorbike on the vehicle.

Trust me, a long ramp makes a huge difference in the comfort and usability of the carrier.


Most high-quality carriers are under a hundred dollars, but more expensive carriers sometimes come with more benefits such as a higher weight limit and better quality of materials.

Some may even have additional tools and gadgets that help ensure your bike is as secure as it can be.

It is worth considering buying a more expensive carrier if you want those features.

Ease of Installation

Though this is not the most important feature to look for, it is better that you find a hitch carrier that you can easily assemble on your own.

Most carriers even come with nuts and bolts that are required for installing the unit.

Some have fairly easy instructions which guide you through the whole process of assembling the carrier.

A product that is easy to install will save your precious time.

Final Thoughts

Though you can use trucks for transporting motorbikes to different places, this is not a very safe option.

If you do that, by the end of the day, there will be scratches on your bike as well as on your truck.

Scratches make vehicles look decrepit and worn out, and they appear to be older than they actually are.

Besides, throughout your journey, you will have to frequently make sure that your motorbike is still fastened.

To save yourself from such trouble, it is better to invest in suitable hauling gear.

I would recommend the Best Choice Products SKY1375 to anyone who is looking for a sturdy carrier with steel construction that does not cost a fortune.