Best Motorcycle Jackets 2022 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

best motorcycle jackets Reviews and Buyer’s GuideThe thrill of riding a motorcycle cannot be beaten. It gives an adrenaline rush like no other.

However, as the entire body is exposed to the elements while riding a bike, it is imperative to protect oneself.

An accident on a motorcycle or even extreme wind conditions can cause injuries that can take forever to heal.

Thus, you must protect yourself by wearing all the appropriate gear for riding a motorcycle.

One critical object which needs to be used by every person who owns a bike (and should be worn) is a motorcycle jacket.

The jacket was invented to function as a protective gear for bikers.

But now it is more of a fashion statement, which is why it comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and designs.

However, it is essential to remember why it exists and that it needs to be worn.

Product NameMaterial WaterproofExtra Armor
Milwaukee (Our pick)LeatherN/AN/A
Viking (Runner-up)PolyesterYesYes
Milano (Upgrade pick)PolyesterYesYes
Hot LeathersLeatherN/AN/A

To ensure that you don’t have to go through the daunting task of deciding which motorcycle jacket to buy, we have made a guide and listed down the best motorcycle jackets you can buy.

Top 5 Recommended Motorcycle Jackets 2022

To ensure that you have the best motorcycle jacket, we have done some thorough research, checked all reviews to ensure that we have picked the top motorcycle jackets.

We even bought them to test the ones we narrowed down and have concluded that these will be the best motorcycle jackets to serve the whole purpose.

1. MILWAUKEE LEATHER – Best Motorcycle Jacket in 2021 (Editor’s Choice)

One of the best jackets available on the market, we have chosen this to be our top pick.

It can easily be worn in any weather, and it looks great too. It has been made with the best leather, and it seems quality.

It also comes with a waist belt/buckle to ensure the best fit.

The leather is manufactured using premium milled cowhide with a thickness of 1.2 to 1.3 mm, and it comes with a zip-out thermal liner which is full-sleeved.

The half-belt allows easy adjustment, and it also has to detail of side lace, which ensures that the jacket fits the best it can.

There are enough pockets as well: 2 lower pockets with zips and also an extra ticket book storage pocket, which closes with snaps.

What We Like

The look of the jacket gives an authentic biker feel of the old days.

The coat comes in different sizes suitable for all people.

The jacket is made to keep the rider dry and warm when it is winter season, and the wind is exceptionally chilly.

It also made to protect the riders as best as they can in case of an accident.

  • It has a classic biker look.
  • It does not cost too much.
  • It comes with a zip liner.
  • A few of the buckles and zippers might be challenging to use.

2. Viking Cycle Ironborn – Best Motorcycle Textile Jacket 2021

Viking Cycle IronbornOne of the best jackets available for people who are looking for something other than jackets made up of leather.

As the outer part of this jacket is made up of Rock Tex 600, the jacket is one of the sturdiest and robust items, which is entirely waterproof.

It also comes in various sizes to fit people of all shapes.

What We Like

One of the best and essential functions of this jacket is that it is built for safety and protection. The Tex 600 shell is one of the best available.

It has been approved by CE and comes with an armor that is removable and protects the elbow, spine, and shoulders.

The armor is also removable if you want more mobility.

Depending on the weather you are riding in, you get two zip vents that are located at the arms, chest, and back.

They have a mesh lining and ensure that you can wear the jacket comfortably while riding in summer.

It also has a removable zip-out liner, which makes it easy to use in all weather and seasons.

There are a bunch of pockets embedded in the jacket, both internal and external.

It has pockets dedicated to key chains, pens, documents, wallets, media players, and earphones, and they are all secure.

It has a dedicated phone pocket for easy and quick use and also a headphone wire system to ensure that there are no distractions.

The jacket comes with 6 point custom adjustments to ensure a perfect fit.

It is also wrinkle-free and does not allow sagging, so you can use it any time.

  • Full zip out liner.
  • Waterproof.
  • Complete adjustment system for the perfect fit.
  • As the armor is removable, some people might want to use it without the protection it adds.

3. Milano Sport Gamma – Best Waterproof Motorcycle Jacket

Milano Sport GammaKeeping up with the fashion trend is easy when you have this jacket, the red accent adds to the design and style of the coat.

Not only that, it serves the purpose of protecting the body when a person is out riding as it is waterproof and breathable at the same time.

What We Like

The jacket comes with Velcro adjustments at the cuffs, lower arms, and upper arms to ensure that it fits perfectly and does not allow any billowing.

It also comes with a ventilation system located on the back and the chest; these can be closed via zippers.

The thermal quilted lining of the jacket is removable, making it suitable to wear in different seasons.

The jacket is available in different sizes, but you will not find a plus-size in it. The 2XL and 3XL have athletic cuts.

The armor is CE approved located on the elbows and shoulders and can be removed as well.

There are different colors available as well, which makes it easy to see in low light or fog.

  • It is waterproof.
  • Comes in different sizes and colors.
  • Has an adjustment system.
  • CE approved with a removable armor.
  • It has European sizing which can be a little confusing.

4. Pilot Trans.Urban Jacket V2 – Best lightweight Jacket For Motorcycle

Pilot Trans.Urban Jacket V2The jacket comes in silver and black, which allows others to see the rider on the road, so if you are looking for a coat that is easily visible, then this is the best option.

The makers of this jacket had the design set as a priority, which is why it looks great and is visible.

It also has other features, which makes it a great jacket to own.

What We Like

The jacket has been built to be durable, reliable, and sturdy, which ensures that the rider is protected at all times.

The jacket is abrasion resistant as it does not have a center seam; it has overlay panels on the elbows and shoulders instead, making it very strong.

The jacket comes with a REISSA membrane that lets the water vapor escape the jacket but does not let them in.

It is also highly windproof, breathable, and waterproof.

The two-way main zipper has a heavy gauge and three-layer a flap, which ensures that the body is protected from all elements.

The liner is made up of thermopile and is zip-out sleeve length.

The armor approved by CE is removable and also made of microcellular PU, which is excellent at absorbing the shock of impact.

It is located on the shoulders and elbows.

  • It is lightweight yet strong.
  • The armor is CE approved.
  • Is comes with a storm flap.
  • As the armor is removable, riders may not wear it while using the jacket.

5. Hot Leathers – Best Classic Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Hot LeathersSometimes having a classic motorcycle jacket is the best way to go about it, and this is one product that you can count on for that purpose.

Not only does the jacket look great, but it is also affordable and comes in different sizes for people of all shapes.

What We Like

The jacket is made to look like a classic old school biker jacket, which gives a great look no matter what.

It is a medium-weight jacket that is made up of top grain leather, which makes it durable and strong.

The jacket also includes half belt and side lace, along with silver hardware, which provides for zippers, loops, buckles, and snaps.

It has three pockets that are located on the outside of the jacket but are secured with zippers.

It also has zip outlining, which is quilted to provide the best comfort.

  • Classic biker style.
  • Made from top-grain leather.
  • Has three pockets.
  • It does not have leather zipper pull extensions.

Features to Look for in a Motorcycle Jacket 2021 – Buying Guide

Best Motorcycle Jacket

If you are having a hard time narrowing down your options, try to find products that offer these features.

They are essential and will ensure that you own the perfect jacket for your riding style.

Strong Outer Material

You may prefer soft materials, but a motorcycle jacket would always be rugged and robust from the outside.

You can have a soft inner material, but the outside is what will protect you from the elements; this is why it needs to be strong enough to resist wind, abrasion, and the weather.

One of the most popular choices for outer material is leather, as it is one of the most durable materials and is known to be abrasion-resistant.

However, now there are many other materials also available which mimic leather (modern synthetic textiles), which are also just as rugged.

These days you will find jackets that are soft and breathable form the inside, which also allows water vapor to get out, all the while ensuring that the outside remains dry (as it is water-resistant).

This allows a more comfortable ride, especially in the hot, sweaty weather.


Some great riding jackets are made to be wind and waterproof and warm, as well.

So going out on a ride in the morning could be fine as the weather is more relaxed, but as the day goes by, it gets hotter, which can also make you warm from the inside.

In such cases, a good option would be a jacket that comes with a zip-out liner, textile mesh or perforated leather.

These options ensure that the outside is protected while there is plenty of ventilation available inside.

Strong Closures and Fasteners

The hardest part of having a jacket is the zip breaking at odd timings. Imagine not being able to open your coat.

Many plastic zippers break easily while some metal ones give away too.

So before you buy a motorcycle jacket, make sure that they offer secure and sturdy zippers.

If you prefer a jacket with snaps, then make sure that you get the heavy-duty ones, which also look good.

Some jackets even come with loop and hook closures, which are over a zipper, they can be great, but one cannot be sure whether they will hold with extensive use.

Lots of Pockets

Having pockets in your jacket can be very useful.

You cannot count on your jeans pockets as you never know if something might fall out while you are sitting.

Look for a jacket that offers plenty of pockets, both inside and outside.

This way, you won’t have to worry about storing your items.

The pockets on the inside come in very handy when you need to store precious items like your wallet.

Even if you don’t plan on using so many pockets, it is still wise to get as many as you can because you never know.

Impact Protectors

Certification Europe (CE) made sure that they approve jackets that come with impact protectors located at the elbows and shoulders.

This ensures that a jacket serves its full purpose as a protective layer of clothing on a biker.

However, even though a biker may be wearing a motorcycle jacket, he will still be prone to injuries, but not to the extent of what could have been if they weren’t.

A layer added for protection will go a long way in ensuring the security of the rider.

There are some jackets available which come with chest protectors as well if you want to go all the way.


Always go for a jacket that has either bright colors or is lined with reflective stripes or piping.

This will help drivers identify a motorcyclist on the road in the dark, fog, or low light.

Especially if the taillight or headlight is not working, the jacket will tell where the rider is and help prevent some serious accidents.

Storm Flaps

Even though a storm flap may not look like much of a feature, it comes in convenient when days are extraordinarily windy or stormy.

A storm flap over the main zipper, whether it is inside or outside, will ensure that the cold air does not enter the jacket, protecting the body’s temperature from dropping.

One of the most active storms flaps is the ones that close from above the zipper with loop and hook snaps.

These jackets are built to be waterproof but also breathable.

Soft Collar

A jacket with a stand-up collar will ensure that the neck of the rider is fully covered.

It will ride up to the helmet and will ensure that there is no way that cold air can get in.

But if the collar has a hard material, then the result can be a chafed neck, and it can be very uncomfortable to wear.

To avoid this situation, make sure that you go for a jacket that offers a soft material lined over the collar so that you can ride comfortably.

Zip-out Liner

Some jackets can be uncomfortable to wear in the summer, which means that they will only be useful in a couple of seasons.

Buying another jacket suitable for another season can be costly.

To ensure that this situation does not occur, make sure that you get a coat that has a removable zip-out liner.

This feature will ensure that the jacket is cool for summer and can easily be used for the other season as well.

The liner can either be a vest type or one with full sleeves as well, so the choice is yours.

Cuff Closures

Even though your entire body can be wholly protected, your arms can still get cold as the wind can enter from the opening at your wrists.

The best way to beat this is to get a jacket that has cuffs or knit cuffs that can quickly be shut using zippers or snaps.

It will seal the sleeves as well, and you will be protected from the wind from every possible place.


A motorcycle jacket’s primary purpose is to protect the person using it, whether it is from the elements or the weather.

The style and design of the jacket come secondary, though the bright colors and reflective piping can ensure visibility and safety.

There are many options available in the market, and the task of choosing the right jacket is hard.

Following the buying guide will make that more comfortable for you.

You can easily find the best product at a high price.

And if you are still confused about which one to buy, then consider any one of the products listed above as they are all tested to be the best.