What to Wear When Riding a Motorcycle in Cold Weather

What to Wear When Riding a Motorcycle in Cold Weather

If you are a motorbike rider you might have experienced the warm and the cold season when riding your bike.

In most cases, riding in the cold is more dangerous because too much exposure to coldness can lead to sore joints, stiffness, slow reactions to things, low energy levels, memory loss confusion and being exhausted easily.

This predisposes the rider to danger because he can even develop Condition such as hypothermia. Well, then how should you operate during the cold season?

Here, I have provided a guide to help you understand how to make yourself comfortable and a safe rider.

If you want to be in a good position to deal with an emergency and be more alert then what you wear when riding in the cold greatly matters. So let’s get to it.

Wear a motorcycle helmet

Wear a motorcycle helmet
A helmet is a very important accessory to every motorbike rider. Emphasis on the use of a helmet when on the road can’t be dismissed.

It is popularly known for its ability to protect the rider in case there is an occurrence of an accident.

Therefore, during the cold season, you need to get a helmet with good winter features to cushion you from the cold.

Ensure your helmet has a visit preferably with the public to prevent the visor from fogging.

It helps in keeping your visor clear which Eliminates unnecessary clearing up by opening it during the cold weather.

Additionally, a good helmet should have sufficient pads to help you stay warm. There should be no spaces left between the padding and the skin so that you can stay warm.

Have a suitable motorcycle jacket

Have a suitable motorcycle jacket
Gearing up is part of staying warm and that is why you will need an appropriate jacket to keep you warm.

When choosing which jacket to wear, pricing should not be a factor because you are not keen enough you might purchase an expensive jacket yet it leaks.

So what do you look at when choosing such jackets?

Well, a good winter riding jacket should have an outer shell that is windproof and waterproof to protect you from moisture and rushing air.

Ensure your jacket has no perforations. So you might have to consider having a jacket with zippered armpit vents to allow you to adjust your ventilation.

It should also have adjustable closures and flaps along the zipper yo ensure there is no penetration of cold air.

Additionally, your jacket should have an internal insulating layer to retain heat which will keep you warm.

The base layer which is adjacent to the skin should be made of a warm material such as wool or any other good material that ensures you stay warm as it prevents the accumulation of sweat beneath the skin.

Get waterproof trousers

Get waterproof trousers
There has been a lot of disputes about the waterproof trousers and over trousers when it comes to the most appropriate gear for the cold season.

After some inquiries, I realized most rider who use over trousers complain of frequent leaks. This makes them feel cold especially when they are riding in cold weather.

Therefore, if you are always riding on chilly conditions then you will need a waterproof trouser. Such trousers should also have an adjustable waist to make you comfortable when riding your bike.

You Wouldn’t want to have a trouser that is too tight on your waist.

It should also have a mesh lining which gives extra ventilation by allowing circulation of air to minimize sweating which might accumulate on the skin Making you feel uncomfortable.

This trouser should also have leg side zip and poppers which you can pull it off without necessarily removing the shoes. This makes it easy to get it off and on.

Winter motorcycle gloves

Winter motorcycle gloves
When riding along during the cold season, you will need winter gloves to make your hands warm.If your hands are exposed to cold they will get numb.

That is why you will need to avoid cold infiltration and losing body heat by having the right gloves.

Winter gloves have a water repellent layer to prevent moisture from reaching your hands.

It also has a moisture-wicking liner to avoid an accumulation of sweat beneath the skin which keeps your hands warm and dry.

Additionally, good winter gloves should give you a range of motion which is required when riding the motorbike.

You also need to ensure your gloves are fitting well and comfortable.

Technology has made it possible to have heated clothing and gloves which can also be an appropriate option when it comes to riding in the cold season.

Heated gear can be expensive but it is worth especially when you are riding your Motorbike in extremely cold conditions.

Wear motorcycle boots boots

Wear motorcycle boots boots
Boots are part of the essential gear that you require to keep yourself warm.

Therefore, when you have the right boots you will have managed to keep yourself warm.

These boots should not leak in any case because most of the boots might leak if you don’t make an appropriate selection.

These boots should also be breathable to allow air circulation to make yourself comfortable.

When putting on the boots ensure there is no gap between the boots and the trouser.

Wear Balaclava

Wear Balaclava

After keeping your head, hands, and feet warm, Most riders can forget that they need a full Balaclava winter mask to prevent frostbites and cold from damaging your face.

This mask will keep your face cozy and warm which makes it among the wearables when it comes to keeping your whole body warm.

It is good to wear it before you put on the helmet because sometimes you might decide to open your helmet. You will find most motorbike riders people wearing balaclava during winter.


Keeping yourself warm is a safety precaution when riding Motorbike during the cold season. This is because Motorbike riders are susceptible to respiratory infections if they don’t keep themselves warm. Therefore, the wearables I have highlighted in this article will be beneficial for the winter of the cold season.

I understand that they are available in various brands. Therefore, before you put any of these products you should consider the quality and the ability to meet your needs. Some of them might be costly but keeping yourself warm when riding Motorbike in the cold is worth your money.